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  I'm confuse
Posted at 11/13/2010 07:37:00 AM
I act like I don't care, but actually I care to much.

I don't know whether I like you or not. But I do miss you. But I'm afraid it'll fade. :/
When I ask you what you want me to promise to give you, you said you wanted my kisses. Then you changed it, you said, "I want you to be with me forever." . 
I don't know whether it's a promise or it's you asking me to be on a relationship?
You know, boys are hard to predict but they are the simplest creature around. 
I'm just saying, I'm afraid, you would just say that as a flirtation or something. :/

I'm always confuse whether you like me or not. But I wish you do.

You're going to finish high school in any moment. We only have 2 days before it'll be hard to see each other again. I'm just afraid, everything I hold now would fade.
You know, I'm like an off/on switch. And I'm afraid yours would fade too. :/
I'm afraid we'll have to much conversation, we'll die out some day. haiz
anyways I just know you, never realize you. We barely have something together. There's nothing to hold us. I'm just afraid. That's why I'm clever enough not to make promises. Or to promise something from you.
I'm confuse. I miss you but I know it's not enough to tell you I LOVE YOU.

I want to tell you everything but I'm afraid of everything the world has for me.

Please don't move a second. I don't want anything to change right now. I want it to stay like this perfectly. 
Stay put, we have the world together.

I maybe naive, but at least I know I care so much I'm a wreck.


You may think how is it possible to like a guy so much, even though we barely do something, plus I just know him. Well, don't ask me. Ask my heart. 
I don't want things like this to happen. It's cause his leaving. And I hate but to put so much hope he'll be there for me. Because I know nothing last forever at this age.

P/s I don't love him, I like him. Sorry. But it's the truth. It's just not enough to promise I'll always be there. But for now, I'll always do.


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