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  I cut my hair =X
Posted at 11/29/2010 03:01:00 PM
It's been so long since I had a normal post :P 

Nothing much this few days :/ 
My phone camera went all crazy on me again. *heartbreaks* D:

I miss Rapunzel. That's the only Disney Princess Movie that touch so deeply. And even Cinderella couldn't do that. lol. :p

I couldn't stop listening one of it's soundtrack. :) 

So last night, I went to Tabuan Plaza, raid all the DVDs shop just to find Rapunzel dvd.
But to my dismal(not dismay xD) , Rapunzel (even pirated) dvd haven't out in stores yet :'(
I want to watch it again. *paranoid*

Anyways, so instead I bought Phua Chu Kang The Movie again. haha! :D
The old one, is to pirated that my DVD player reject it. -.- and this new one, is to original to be a pirated DVD :p haaa! Some more, got advertisements like the ones in the cinema. -.-
so ma huan have to wait so long. D:

Oh! I even met Evelyn :D Lucky I remember she work as a promoter at Tabuan Plaza, :P
Yay! I miss her :'( and Siaw Ying. haiz.

Oh2, I went to dinner at a kopitiam beside that Tabuan Plaza building :P
I ordered my food. -.- BLACK PEPPER PORK RICE.
But then, I wait for 20 minutes, wait until everybody finish their food than come. D:
oh wait, ok laa. i exaggerate a little. there's no way fifi and jeff can finish their food so fast :P
fifi order same place as me, gets her food earlier than me! not fair =X

Me: Oh look! there's the boy with my food!
*boy pass by*
Me: No :(
-5 minutes later-

Me: Oh look! there's the boy with my food!
*boy pass by*
Me: No :(
-5 minutes later-

Me: Oh look! there's the boy with my food!
*boy pass by*
Me: No :(
-5 minutes later-

Me: Oh look! there's the boy with my food!
*boy pass by*

Yeaaa. I did say that. :P Just not right in front of him. hahaha! x)

Oh BTW, I cut my hair. =X

 Bob hair :P haha!
Oh fifi is erm, -.- cucumbering herself behind there. don't mind her. :D

 This photo look so,,, evil ? :O

 This look so innocent and vain :P hahha!

Okay,, now this is just simply vain. -.-

hahah! x)

Neehh, I ain't that crazy stupid to cut my hair like that :D it's so weird. -.-
+ No way I'll cut my dear hair now. :P I want to keep it long. Like Rapunzel. haha! x)
p/s the behind/long hair in those pictures above, are tied up behind. :D

This is taken a few seconds ago :D haha!
It's me, still have my current long hair, =P oh2, i tied it up and bob it :))

I can't help but to feel hurt whenever I hear the songs we used to hear together.

Confession/fact; I try to be funny sometimes. But at times, either I offend people with it or my funniness just FAILED. :P that is so sad. -.- 

I'm so sorry if I've hurt you. :'( But trust me, it's not you, it's me. I know.

Moral-of-the-story; The truth won't sink in water or burn in fire. The only hard thing in truth is that you have to search for it between water and fire.

I'm sorry.


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