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Posted at 11/20/2010 04:40:00 PM
I found a photo of 1 Biru(2007) while cleaning, dusting, throwing away stuff on my study table. LOL :P

I even found...

 The Valentine Card my old boybestfriend give :P
Aww. so sweet the things he wrote. wonder what actually happen to us? why don't we talk anymore. -.-
well, we do talk. Just not like before. hex.

And this drawing. :D
I found it on my desk before class in 2007. I don't know who draw but it's cute! :D

As I go through all those memories in my younger age, I sigh, where did all those days go?
It's different now.
I remember, me and my middle level class, classmate use to fight like hell and now we're planning on a reunion together. :D
I also remember my ex-bestfriend during form 1, who's now my enemy. -.- oh wow!
don't know how that could happen but oh yeah. haha!

Still, we're getting older. we no longer play with crayon just because we want to.
Now we think plasticine are disgusting and boys as our bestfriend.
We're no longer are interested in Barbies and we spend all our money trying to dress ourself.
It's how life revolves.
From childhood, to teenhood and next adulthood.

Soon all the fun and games would end. Maybe if we try to stay the same, who knows life would still be a blast.

UPSR, PMR, and next SPM. where did all those days go to.
You know, we never change, we just grew up.

We keep on making new mistakes, learning new things and getting hurt along the way.
That's how I define life as. :]

Moral-of-the-story; No matter how strong we used to hate each other, it won't last. :)

Dhaaaaa :PP


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