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Posted at 11/11/2010 08:58:00 PM
I just don't understand boys. -.-

Cass: Oh Great. This Laksa no taste. 
Pris: My chicken still raw! 
-after finish eating-
Cass: Help me buy any RM1 water.
Pris: Air Bandung?
-Cass sip through her Air Bandung-
Cass: This is another thing that has no taste!
Pris: At least it's cook. 
Cass: wow. You just made me feel better. (sarcasm)

This morning I carried all my text books to class :p 
No lh. :D Think I so hardworking meh? :p
LOL. Fortunate for me, Kevin came as the same time as me. :)
He helped me. :D so grateful for him. :)

Than after that, I went for duty with Josh and Rodney at the back gate.
It was raining so we ended up writing names in the canteen instead of the gate.
We were talking about 11.11.11 :D Nice date.
Than I told them I want to get married on 12.12.12 cause after that I might not have a chance to get married on a date like that. LOL :p
Than Rodney says, imagine if got 13.13.13. :D The day you got married is the day the church decided to fall and crash. xD

Today almost every subject we sat down and listen to the teacher talking. o.O

Oh and, Keith played/sang Vanilla Twilight for me! :D
Yay! :D
He kept his promise. :) 
His voice is miraculousness awesome even though the tone doesn't suits him. :D
Yerr2 Bangga RENEE got brother like him. :p

And before we go home it was add maths period.
But Cikgu Ling don't want to teach :p cause I don't let her. 
+ We finished our syllabus already. so yeaa. :p
Desmond asked her to teach chapter 1, form 5. wtf him :D
Anyways, I ask Choon Zon to play chinese chess with me. :D ask him teach lh :)
Then I was about to win, I think? Desmond say :p
Oh2, I played with the help of Desmond. wtf the elephant can't cross the river. =.= Hillary say cause last time old people don't know Bio, don't know elephant can cross the river. :D ahahhaa!
And I keep on confusing the canon with the soldiers. -.- darn. 
Anyways, Desmond say I almost win but I didn't. It's either Desmond so pro help me, or Choon Zon purposely let me win. :p hahahaha!
Before the game could end, the time end ahead of us. :/ LOL

Dady go KL again :/ Now koko is trying to stay at the same hotel as him. LOL

Confession/fact; I want the boys I can't have. :/

My KARMA is here. :) it's coming to get everything I owe it. LOL

I just don't understand boys sometimes :/ If you're to scare to fall in love with me than why find me in the first place and make me like you, need you? =.=
You're to useless. :p bwahahah!

Moral-of-the-story; Every cloud has it silver linings. :)

Dhaaaa ;]]


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