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Posted at 11/14/2010 09:48:00 AM
I'm bored of texting. D: don't force me. LOL. zz
Random. :)

You know, I hate periods. -.-

Yesterday so bored. But okaylh. I manage to sleep through the day :p
I woke up really early, 6am? Then I online. XD
Then watch Phua Chu Kang. :) so damn funny and awesome. xD wakakkaka!
Then I bath while facebooking&texting in the bathroom XD 
Then after that, watch tv. -.- Nothing to watch. LOL. so watch DVD. I watch When in Rome. 
Then I sleep. :D 
Wakeup watch tv, watch tv, bath, watch korean. :D
Then I promise to study with him. LOL. I'm sure he slack of somewhere last night.
After studying for 40 minutes, I watch korean. XD then watch Zack&Cody for 2 hours. :O
Then, I slept early? o.O whooaaa. so tired. TT

we're both afraid of something. haven't anyone told us, don't let anything ruin your happiness?
I couldn't help it. I'm just scare. Damnit. >.<
I'm scare everything would fade. 

Confession/fact; I'll do anything for my pride.

I don't know if we're friends or what? You said I was your sister, but you treat me more than that.
I don't know if I need you or I want you. 
Confuse. :/

Moral-of-the-story; 371 more days to spm ;p Study guys! LOL

dhaaaa ;)


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