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  Jipaban – My 2010 Santarina
Posted at 11/30/2010 11:23:00 PM

As you all know what is my Christmas wish this year in my previous post, :p
This time, I am going to share a little secret, shhh, don't tell my mummy i love her so much :))

First of all, I want to introduce JIPABAN :] since it is all the more generous to help for Christmas this year :P
Jipaban is an online shopping websites featuring over a 1000+ worth of time :)
Not only it's cheap, it is also convenient. Now you no longer need to drive and do all those painful walks to a shopping mall just because you need a new dress for dinners or a new t-shirts because yours are all so boring.
OMG so awesome right? :P some more the t-shirts at Jipaban, the necklace there all so deathly cute it just hurts not to buy it :P

But there is only one, ONE, one thing in Jipaban is that you need to use your CREDIT CARD which some of us underage kids are unfortunate not to have one of cause the adults says we're not responsible enough, pffftt!
But maybe it's true :)
Jipaban is so awesome, I think when I have a credit card, it be on MAX LIMIT on the first day I got it thanks to Jipaban, ehehhehe :P

Oh yeaah! JIPABAN is hosting a contest. It's where I choose the items for my love ones, and blog about it :)
Pray that I'll win :DD

This is my mom, I've been a bad little daughter ;( but I've tried my best not to hurt her so much :)


I want to give my mommy this Multilayered-Pearl-Necklace. :D
Isn't it just so gorgeous? :))

I want to give it to her, not just because I love her, but also because I owe her :)) But I know though, even pearls can't pay her back the love she poured on me.
Maybe now I can't show her the love I have for her, being a kid and shy and all, haha! But I still hope that she knows that I love her :))
I won't trade her for any cool moms who love shopping out there! =P
I know, she wants to go shopping, and get a new outfit every week, but she doesn't wants to ;(
It's cause of money, money and money.
Not that we don't have any, it's just that, I know she cares of me and my siblings that she sacrifice her own happiness for it. And I know she just spends for us :))

I chose a necklace, because she likes em. Yeaah, she's my mom alright x)
we both think that cute necklasses are cute :D

I could have chose a cute dress or t-shirts, but I'm afraid it wouldn't fit her, ehehhe :3
I have this phobias with buying shirts for other people.
Cause last year I bought a pink batik ;D yes pink , haha! for my dad :))
It's a little to small ;( but it still fits him. *prays that dady don't get any fatter* :PP

Dhaaaaaa. :]]

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