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  My first time :)
Posted at 11/27/2010 04:39:00 PM
Yes. It was my first time watching in 3D. :D

26 November 2010

Me, fifi and Jeff went to Spring yesterday with Dby&her little bro and Syamsul. :)
It's not as boring as I expected it will be. It's just one of the days, where I least expected something that happened. :]

At first, we all went to MBO to buy the Repunzel:Taggled Tales ticket early :)
Then this one MBO worker, called on to us, I was like, "is he talking to us" o.O (yeaa,, with the eye too!)
Then Syamsul went to him, and he said, that he could fix us in Repunzel 3D if we pay him RM10 each. :D
and yeaa we did. ;D
So it's kinda my first time watching 3D and it's kinda awesome :)) 
The movie itself was awesome! :DD
I can't wait to get my hands on the DVD. bwahahaha! :P

anyways, I didn't believe him at first, cause my mum had told me countless times not to believe a stranger.
So I agreed, but I didn't give him the money when he ask me too :P
Only when he takes us there, then I believe him and give him his money, haha!

Oh2, before movie, we went to KimBay :) nyumsss.

My Sprite Float.

Syamsul's Jasmine Tea. :D
The shape of the cup is so cute, and smexy ;)

After KimBay, we watch the movie :D hehehe!

After movie, Dby went back :'( and I didn't want to be alone with Syamsul -.-
It's like he's the dad, I'm the mum and fifi&jeff is out children.
Awkward. haha! x)

So, before Syamsul go back, he gave me something. :O
and claims it's my belated birthday present.

But thanks anyway buddeh :D
It's um a music box that plays YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE. and also, an invisible pen :P

Oh! I went to look for a hat, -.- but in the end, i bought 2 dvds, and some keychains :P

I'm broke D: uhuhuhuh!

Me, fifi and jeff got so bored, so we went to dady's office. -.-
But dady brought us to eat late lunch first :P

Then we go office and cam-whore. :))

OMG. I'm so vain. -.-

Oh and, my sakai moments :)

hahah! xD I just realize that the table leg is so,,, unusual? :O
So smexy ;))

Last night, I watched (with Fifi and Jeff), Ghost Of Cinderella :O
omg. so damn scary. -.-
and I just realize, Korean sucks at making a horror movie. haha! :D

After watching it, I'm thinking of selling it. xD haha!
But neuuu! :P
The story line is still okay :))
And I even watched it this morning ! :D

Oh2, after watching Ghost Of Cinderella last night, Jeff fled and played ps2 -.-
Then me and Fifi watched Wedding Dress :)

I swear, even after watching it 10 times, I will still cry :'(
This movie is so damn sad man!
Korean's are good at making sad movies :P heheheh!
I efin cry like hell last night. -.-
Then my eyes got all puffy, swollen and red. :O and it hurts when I sleep. :O
See how sad the movie is,, haha! x)

Confession/fact: I cry really damn a lot during a sad movie. TT

Never say good bye. Because good bye means going away, and going away means forgetting
 - Peter Pan

Moral-of-the-story; Don't trust strangers =X no matter how innocent they look XD

Dhaaaa ^______^


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