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Posted at 11/19/2010 10:47:00 PM
My parents picked up my family photo this morning. :)

Okay, it looks blur. -.-
But if you hold it on your hand, it's OMG. my face so freakin smooth and I look like Barbie without Ken :p
Haha! (:
I so loveee PHOTOSHOP wish I could own one :'(

Actually, when you hold it, if you look at it properly, you could see that I look all so teary.
And since it's in a photo, (people say you can detect any detail no matter how small it is in a photo. ehm, well, professionals photographer are able to do so) you could even see me fake smile!
That's cause it's the week of my birthday and nothing seems to go right during the week. -.- even on my birthday, everything is a complete disaster! ftw thanks a lot. =.=

But that's all in the past right now and it's unhealthy to remember it :) 

Anyways, I cut my fringe just now. :p And I think it was a success? LOL :p haha!

LOL. :p
Before and After. :)
My before picture so laosy i want to cry. xD

My hope of going to Samson saloon finally fade of when I got the courage to cut my own hair. :p
I don't trust no one with my darling hair, haha! (:
So it's either let people ruin it or I ruin it myself. xD hahaha!
Well, I didn't completely ruin it I guess.

 ee so vain. :P
But I love my hair. :3 haha! I want to keep it long, than bleach it! :DD
LOL, maybe not bleaching cause my hair colour very rare. :p
Got brown, red, even GOLD! i can be rich like that. omg so lame lh me.

Seee,, so smooth my face. :D
I edit it. lalalalla! :3 ahahhahahahah! But my cheek look pink. -.-
It's okay though, I love pink. x)

Boys are like PMS. They cause unnecessary pain and make you suffer for nothing.

Confession/fact; My right cheek is fatter than my left cheek. :P Won't be able to realize it in real life, but in photos, -.- but then, I always be vain sideways. haha! (x my left cheek not enough nutrient :P

i just remembered i have a novel to finish, and a novel to read then need to do book report. TWO book report. -.-

Moral-of-the-story; Just do it! You'll never know what you may discover from your mishaps. :)

Dhaaaa :PP


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