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  My Xmas Gift
Posted at 11/30/2010 04:10:00 PM
Christmas is around the corner :)
And I remembered how I used to be a Santarina last year by buying and giving gifts to people :)

This year, I no money to buy gifts :( so sorry. TT
I don't even have money to buy myself a cute t-shirt, uhuhuhu. what more to say MBO tickets :'(

So, this year, I want something from Santa :P

No, it's not the latest Iphone 4.

Or a new phone :P

Nope, not a big teddie :O

Or a cute t-shirt >.< though i do want it so badly, just not for Christmas :P

It's not a DSLR, no matter how much I want it :P

Not a cute earing.....

that fits cutely with this brace-late,,

ehehhee. I do love this teddie necklace :P

Maybe a new Korean boyfriend :P

can either be Lee Jang-Woo. OMO :O

or Song Joong Ki :P


Can also be Donghae oppa! :D

Or Donghae and a DSLR :P

But no, it's not a new boyfriend. haha! x)
I like being single :)

My Christmas present is non of those things above :P

It's just simply........

a treadmill :D
even better if it's.........

Pink! =X
(Get that bitch away from my pink treadmill, haha) xD

Yes, I want a treadmill for Christmas Santa :]
I've been nice this year, ehehehe >=D

Dhaaaa =P

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