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  Last day of school 2010
Posted at 11/16/2010 04:56:00 PM
No edit. xD Lazy edit. see lh my pimples. :p
This is the fashion specs without lens I took a photo with the other day. :]

Today is the last day of school. -.- NOT HAPPY.
The first thing I did when I arrived the pavement of the back school gate was, "Hey got spotcheck beg meh?"
to a form 5 girl. :D haha!
She and her friend was like plotting something to do with their phone. 
hah! I knew it. :S Unfortunately I didn't bring. -.- Cause it wasn't the teachers who spotcheck us, it's the afternoon session prefects. And the prefects who spotcheck wasn't someone who would sabotaj me. -.-
LOL. :p And I regret not bringing my magazine too. TT bored the whole day. LOL

Then I saw Husna. LOL. her sister brought her phone. Then i saw Sie Siew and her sister. Her sister brought it too. :p But I warned and asked her to give to some guy. LOL
I walked with Husna, and forced her to go to 5 Delta with me to see Yiming. >=P
 Herryson borrowed my money to reload and I need to claim from Yiming. -.- But then, he no money. D: 
Haiz. nevermind. ask Herryson spon me credit. :p hahahahha!
"Yeaaa. my hair is sexy" :D

After that, follow Husna go staff room take something. As usual wait outside. lol :p
I saw indons walking. XD so manyy~

"So this is the last day of school? Awesome" -.-

Me and Cass and sometimes with Josh walk here, walk there like never before. lol :p
really damn bored just now i regretted not bringing phonnie. uhuhuhuuhuh! TT
many people bring. D: haiz.
Lepak in mel's class also have. -.-
Then when almost want recess, we go canteen but decided not to buy anything yet cause if we eat early, hungry early. so we walked back to class. when we want climbed up the stairs, -.- people all go down recess dy. the hell. lol :p

LOL first prize for the best facelook status :p It's a marker and a notebook with price tags. XD
The marker is RM3.90. The book is RM12.90. :D
They want me pay back zit? :pp

I also got my certificates. :] Like my foot drill competition at Matang and erm, my sketch competition. :]
Poor cass lost her sketch certificate :'(

Around 10+ like that, forgot who ask me, "No arrange tables?"
LOL. :p Suddenly Cikgu Ling enter the class. -.-
"ok class, arrange the tables now. Not good table bring to 3 Magenta"

I didn't arrange the tables. XD lazy man! :3 haha! I just lepak with Kevin outside the class. :p
ahahhaha! Then Mel come. yeeee! 
So lepak together-gether. :3 when they finish arrange the tables, I went in the class and say, "waaa. we did a great job" and they booed me. D:

After that go to the hall and ask some assholes to sit properly and to get ready for the assembly. xD
wakakakkaka! :3
Poor form 1-6 become sardines inside the hall. :D the form 5 and few form 6 just stand outside during the assembly. :p haha! :3
I got so tired from the walking around merayau-ing during the assembly, finally I took a sit beside Husna, at the door/corridor -.- and talked to her. XD

After assembly, take report card. DIEDIEDIE. D:

Daddy say it's better to get a first prize in studying than in some stupid creative competition. TT

So discouraging. TT
 I hope you realize I'm not some clever bitch you always wanted me to be. 

Confession/fact; I get hurt so easily even though I tell you how strong I am or show you that I'm not easily intimidated. Sorry but I'm just human. 

It's the last day of school for the year 2010. will miss you guys even if facebook didn't exist. Let the past be the past and move on into what's now with the memories guiding us as our lessons. GoodLuck for the future and never look back :)

Moral-of-the-story; Don't come to school if you know you're going to be packed up like sardines. XD

Dhaaaa ;]]


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