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  Ps I Love You
Posted at 11/05/2010 03:57:00 PM
So damn tired. xD
Finally 3 weeks of examination is finally over. 

Oh2,, I've finished reading P/s I Love You by Cecelia Ahern :)
It's my big sister old novel that layed around the house. :P So I took it and read it. :D

I brought it to school this morning, Josh said that the novel was a porn novel. =.=
But I see no porn in it. :P Just the cover was a bit.... LOL

The story-line is so awesome.
It's about a girl who struggles to live her life after the death of her husband. But to her surprise, her husband wrote letters to guide her on her life after he died.
And each letters end with, P/s I LOVE YOU...
 It's an awe-wing story full of surprises. :]

I wanna watch the movie, But I guess it's no where to be found now.
Cause the story was a long-long-long time ago in Bethlehem :/

Nothing much today.
A little regret of not bringing my phone. TT
I really need to captured some memories just now,
but yeaaa. :(

Just now Madam Flowrese asked me to cut out the invitations for the Teachers Night Out Dinner.
Some I cut neatly, nicely :P Some I accidentally cut it like hell. =.=
Poor teachers who got that as an invitation. xD
I even cut my own finger D:
Damn that knife so sharp :P ahahhaha!
Olga, Cass and LiKar help to cut for me. :] so damn many that thing. xD
And colourful!
I also accidentally cut the envelope which I was suppose to put all those in, and inside that envelope I also discover more colourful invitations which I accidentally cut too D:
But the hell, I selotape it :33
I even selotape the envelope and cover those torn bits with the remaining coloured paper :P
Which was actually quite creative and cute. xD

OMG! I forgot that I was suppose to replaced my duty just now. TT
wth am I so forgetful this few days. D:
It's like I've forgot where or when I have duty. haiz. :(

And I need to write a letter to claim money for the trays.
the hell to the power of 5. =.= They don't believe me. wtf D:

More haiz to come!

Wait2, couldn't think of any. :PP

Anyways, after the cutting thing,,
me, LiKar and Cass gossip. :O Haiz. I long time didn't gossip dy :P
So guai with Cass. =}

Nothing much then, Just very-very cold today. >.<
BTW, last night, I was so freakin sick I swear I can die from it :3
But I didn't give up.......

On watching.......

Yesterday guest was WheeSung, Alex, Sohyeon and Joyeon :D
So awesome that show. B)
I sick like hell but still can stand the pain just to watch it :33

I watch it till midnight. :P
Around 1am, I went to bed. ahhaha! no longer feeling sick and stuff..

Confession/fact; I'm quite forgetful at times till I need people to remind me. Don't be shock if I forget some of your faces some day :P

Hahaha! Like Sohyeon forgets that she dates the same guy a month ago. Poor guy :P

This morning, chacha asked me what day is tomorrow. :)
I said, "tomorrow is dady-come-back-day"
She slapped me D:
Fifi said, "tomorrow is Saturday"
and she got slapped too! :P
Geeezz, it's chacha birthday tomorrow. :]]
and also dady-come-back-from-Sabah-day :D

In a human normal life, LOVE is actually a thing we or I can't live without.

Moral-of-the-story; Don't play with sharp objects. ;)

Dhaaa ;D

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