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  I hate you
Posted at 11/09/2010 04:13:00 PM
Priscilla is currently in a don't know what mood :p

I don't understand. Other people kill, murder, still get to receive their certificates today.
But him? Just long hair already can't receive it liao. =.=
Minus today, we still have 3 days to meet! D:

Today is Graduation Day for the form 5's and form upper 6. :p
As usual, I was on reporting duty. :)
The whole time I was with George. and sometimes with eling  :p

A photo of Yoon Si-Yoon in the newspaper :D
I told him I already long time didn't touch the newspaper, the only time was when Yoon SiYoon appear on it. :D
Then he said, "I think it's better if you want to be a reporter you should read more newspaper"
Awwww.. so lazy :P later lh i read :]]
Yess! I finally kick him! :D that's for saying he never see me before. -.-
That's the first time people said that to me. D: 

Oh2, fifi school principle come and open ceremony :p awesome.
Maybe cause most of the awesome graduates are from Satria. xD weelll no actually. LOL :p
The most awesome graduates are from SJK Stampin. :P

After the ceremony, Madam Flowrese gave me her laptop and I typed the report in Cikgu Jessing office. -.-
Bilik Resos. LOLed. Those boys teachers are so immature and they love to play around. :p
hahahha! :33 They're okay :]]
Anyways, it's my first time doing that. xD She never asked me to do the report on the spot. :D
Maybe cause this time she asked, cause she wants to send it to Borneo Post. xD
awesome! :DD

After half way of completing it, she stormed in and said that she needs to go fetch Renee and send her to school and she needs her laptop back. :P LOL. Renee late. xD
I just completed the ending. :) I insisted on doing it. :p 
Cause Perry Yeo gave some awesome secret recipes. :D ahhahahaha!
LOL. :))

Just now at the bus stop, I see Eddie so I sit beside him. :P
I told him this, "You know, Eddie is a short person name" :D while staring at his long self.

Confession/fact; sometimes i even lied just to get what i want, yes, i know. im selfish :/

LOL. :p he don't believe I eat already. :D Nahhhh.. :p

 I think I like you. :) neehh,, maybe not.. :p 

Moral-of-the-story; It takes a million right things for people to notice you. But it takes just one wrong thing to make others despise you.

dhaaaaaa ;]


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