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  Rapunzel ; A Tangled Tales
Posted at 11/27/2010 05:04:00 PM

You all must be guessing that, the guy is a Prince or something, but neupe, :P his a thief. haha!
And Yes, Rapunzel is a lost princess like the fairy tale :)

I wish my hair was long and blond and magical and manageable and silky like her :O
-jealous with a cartoon hair-

Flynn Rider: I didn't want to do this but you leave me no choice. Here comes the smolder... *gives smoldering look*

And oh yeah, Pascal is kinda cute :P wanna have him as a keychain. haha! :D

This is the romantic scene at the end :) 

The movie is basically about a lost Princess that stays in a tower under the care of her lovely(evil) (step)mother. :D Her (step)mother is surprisingly nice to her, -unlike the real Rapunzel- , but the mother is actually two-faced-evil-bitch =.= she's just nice to Rapunzel because Rapunzel hair is magical, it glows when she sings, and it heals wound :O Her (step)mother just wants to stay young and pretty with Rapunzel hair.
And there's this charming thief :D Flynn Rider or Eugene Fitzherbert :3
The movie is super-super awesome, and I advised you guys to watch and feel the magic... oh in 3D! :))



And if I have Rapunzel hair :)) ehehehe! *grin*

I would...... Swing here and there, :D and erm, makes all kind of style with it cause it's super long and maybe I could even tie my hair like,,

Can't really see her hair, but it's HUGE :O
yeaaa, :P

But still, having a hair as long as that, -.- it makes me look messy :O
and it's tiring to comb a hair that loonngg :O
Seriously. =.=

I'm happy with my current hair style :)) shoulder-length :PP

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