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  I was thankful
Posted at 11/04/2010 04:22:00 PM
So many things happen today. :]
Some are worth the breath and some maybe aren't so much worth anything.

 Girl A: hey,, Why don't you talk to Girl B like you talk to Girl C?
Boy A: Their different. :]
Girl A: You make Girl B feel so left out. 
Boy A: No I don't! She ignores me most of the time. >.<
Girl A: No. It's her. She likes boys attention you know.
Boy A: I know. 
I treat Girl C just like I treat my friends. I like to bully her.
But I would never do anything to harm Girl B.

Finally, I got my ICAS certificate! :D
But I think I did pretty bad :S I score only 21/60 :( And I didn't get neither a credit nor a distinction. 
Boooo. That's sucks!
Whatever lh. I'll try my best next year. :] I wanna get a credit I don't care how much I spend. :D
Good for jobs application. xD

Oh and people treat me like Syamsul's secretary D:
*slaps Syamsul head* 
Happy lh holiday early, I'm stuck here with all your work. :PP
Haha! Nolh2, I give them to Keith. xD

I think me and Cass are good fortune teller :D
We each wrote 4 paper full of advices on life. :]
All the people need to do is to pick one paper without looking. xD
Cause it's like you're peeping into your future.
Ehm. It's a bad thing. xD 
So, I went around class and Gama class too!, to see if my fortune works. :)
Many people say accurate. \m/
Booyaaa! :PP

Me and Cass also got play truth or dare. Only different. :P
Who lose in rock, paper, scissors gets to be the victim. xD
Then, I lose at one round. :(
Damn, I always get 3 over 5 D: so anyways, Cass ask me a question. :P
I was hesitating. :P Then I tell her the answer.
But my eyes, Geezz, always look at other place as if I was wrong. :P
I tried to convince her, so she said, if I lied, Gregory will appear.
I said, DEAL! :D
Then she also dared me to tell him that I appreciate him. :)

So during recess, 
me, Cass and Mel at the water pipe area washing our hands.
I looked at the left side. and saw his friend. D: I panicked. =.= 
Then suddenly I see him, I scream SHIT. :D 
And he was like, why see me suddenly say SHIT? D: I shit ar? :P
Then Cass was like, "yes!" And I was like, "I DIDN'T LIE >.<"
(woopss. the truth came out) xD
So I even told him, that I appreciated him. :) But I talk to fast he didn't get me. xD
Oh well~~

Oh and Ms Jacinta said,
"Like Priscilla and Cassandra. You may think Priscilla is influencing Cassandra, but it's actually Cassandra is the one who's anchoring her down" :P
It's like Cass influence me D: LOL. I'm always to blame as the one who influence people to be bad. :P
But this time it's different :D
Haiz. :P
But still, Ms Jacinta was wrong about one thing. :) Cass seldom study and she did better cause she has a good remembering brain. I studied my ass off, :P and failed cause I'm a scatterbrain. B)
She even asked cass to force me to study, >.>

After english, Madam Flowrese ask me to go out. :)
And take the ICAS test paper. I was like (in my head), "why didn't she ask me to get it when I went down to get the ICAS certificate?"
So she was like, "You know the Graduation day is coming up? You write an article and we'll send it to Borneo Post" :D
Wooooo! I was like (in my head), "this could be a step forward in my dreams of becoming a reporter" :D

BTW, I told Cass why I wanted to become a reporter :P
"I see my dad travels a lot, so yeaa"
She do sweat face. and told me to just become a host of a traveller show.
Bleehh,, impossible cause Malaysia don't have things like that. xD No money. :PP

But still, I hope to be something in The New York Times. :))
ehehe. dream a lot! xD

+ + Another reason why I want to be a reporter is that, I'm sociable and I like to write. :)
The reason why bloggie is created. xD

oh2, madam flowrese even tell me that maybe I won't the facelook competition. :PP
I told her, "teacher,, don't put my hopes so high" XD
Cause, cannot be I win. :PP Many other people status are the best than mine. D:

Today is Sivik test :P
Easy lh xD
Except for Section B cause I don't the hell know what is the Perlembagaan Malaysia. :P
I didn't study. >.<
Bye2 20 marks :( awww. why Section C and Section B don't want change mark?
Section C is 10 marks only. :(

And, and, during test...
I felt hot and cold at the same time. D:
I don't like the feeling. TT It hurts. 
Then I was so eager to go home. :(

I had a fever. TT
But I don't want to skip school tomorrow! D:
I need the PJK marks to push up my position in class. xD

I don't miss you Syamsul! :D

Confession/facts: I think, I finally found out that when I lie, my eye will look at other place instead of the person eyes :)

BTW, I don't have a lucid dream :P
Ms Jacinta say it's a way my body force me to wakeup due to less-oxygen. :O
I was like, "MyGawd. we can die like that

Moral-of-the-story; Don't afternoon nap for more than 4 hours. The least you can do is an hour or 2.
It's unhealthy :D You won't want to die in your sleep don't you? XDXD

Dhaaaa ;]


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