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  So wtf funny :D
Posted at 11/24/2010 05:15:00 PM
I know I promise not to blog today, but I couldn't stand it. D:

Girl: Yeaa. Can only hug me in dream, but in real life can't. haha! 
Boy: Why?
Girl: Cause I don't know? You are not mine, I am not yours.
Boy: You mine ba.
Girl: You have to buy me first. 
Boy: Buy?
Girl: Yeaa. Buy than can own me.
Boy: How buy?
Girl: Buy from my dad.
Boy: Give me your dad number.
Girl: Naaaa. 010*******
Boy: Just now I call then got somebody pick up but I heard just like my own sound. STRANGE.
Girl: hahahahaha! Text laaa.
Boy: He reply YES JUST GET IT WITH FREE! You're mine already.
Girl: omgg! Neuu! 
Boy: You're mine. yay2!
Girl: *pack bags*cry* Sobss TT. *drag bags* Byee Worlddd! Refuse my new owner. *jump down building*haunts boy* Uieee! I forgot my bad at the top of the building. Help me get, or I haauunntt youu forever!
Boy: You mine liao, don't care.
Girl: Buy me new cute clothes then I happy you own me.
Boy: I make for you.
Girl: eee... You make for me, not yet wear, already broken. Don't want. haha!
Boy: Okay loe. You must learn to bersyukur.
Girl: what syukur laa. What's the point you make for me shirt, if not yet wear, already broken?
Boy: You didn't try how you know?
Girl: You haven't make, how I try?
Boy: You wear what size?
Girl: M? I think. But most my shirt is L. Am I fat?
Boy: Didn't Ah~
Girl: Why my shirt size L?
Boy: L not mean fat ah~
Girl: You size what?
Boy: Same as you.
Girl: ee. Why I so fat?! *cries*
Boy: me fat too. 
Girl: You fat nevermind, me fat is crisis. 
Boy: me fat also crisis.
Girl: Why?
Boy: Don't like fat.

This is so funny, I just want to share. ;D haha!
Symbols/faces are not added cause I see the post so ugly with them :D 
But the dialogue look so lifeless -.-



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