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  Super Champs Part 1
Posted at 11/07/2010 03:33:00 PM
The stage for the night :]

Super Champs Supagascar Super Graduation End Year Concert; Part 1 (Rehearsal)

I woke up pretty early this morning. o.O
For chacha kindergarten rehearsal at DBKS. LOL
I didn't even had breakfast yet D: not even a sip, >.>
chacha friend/neighbour, Karen come too early. D:
Nevermind then~

Arrived there, Karen test stage while waiting for the others to arrive.
So on, So on, briefing. Receive my pay. :D
So on, So on.
Was told to only use 30 minutes to transform an empty stage into the concert stage :O
I'm chacha slave. LOL. payed or not payed I still am. :P

 LOL. Paul. LOL. he's the only kid I apparently know. =.=
The only helper kid that is. :)

The whole morning, my duty is to blow up and tie balloons. :O

 This is the another Priscilla and Morgan :)
Dancers. !
p/s i don't know them. xD
But don't the stage look magnificent :D btw, i didn't do much. LOL

oh2, my left arm got scratches from sleeping last night. :/
I think, I don't know?
Somehow, :/ Whenever I do heavy things, like carrying, my left arm will shake.
And it hurts. D: like it's cramp. Got lactic acid :P

Well, at least, I did it. :]

Cam-whoring time! :D


Dhaaaaa ;]


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