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Priscilla Tawie
Communication graduate
I w r i t e for a living!
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Full time food addict.
Part time day dreamer.

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Not sure if anyone notice,
but my url is grammatically wrong.
Forgive me, I was young.


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  Story Board 4#
Posted at 11/29/2010 05:02:00 PM
Be Good.
I'll be your guardian ANGEL.

"Can you do me a favor darling. If you really love me, you'll respect your elders including me, and you'll stop smoking, taking drugs and even late night parties". I wonder how I came to fall in love with a girl like Amy. She's so wild and naughty. Just like me. I used to disrespect my elders, drugs, late night parties. And though I still smoke, but that's all behind me now and I regretted the day I started to be so rebel and because of my attitude, I lost a few of my love ones. Now, I have nobody. Except my job, my foster mom and Amy. 
Amy's different from other girls. She's cute. naughty and wild. But I'm just so afraid she'll take the wrong path and end up like me. I love her so much, I hope she understands. Four months after everything, I broke up with her. She was devastated. I know because she post on her Facebook status saying that she has change into a better person and she wants me back. But I couldn't. I know I love her, but her happiness, her future isn't with me. She is better off without me in her life. I'm useless. I can ruin someone else life, but I can't ruin hers. I love her. I only want the best for her. And I couldn't love another but her. Five years later, I've received an invitation to her wedding. And it be the first time since we broke up, I've met her. I hope she still remember what I taught her and my hope was fulfilled the moment I laid eyes on her. "Mike!". I stared at her. I want to tell her I'm proud of her and that I still love her until I saw her husband coming. 
Yes. I still love her.  


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