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  Super Champs Part 2
Posted at 11/08/2010 05:22:00 PM
Super Champs Supagascar Super Graduation End Year Concert; Part 2 (concert time)

The concert ended early than expected. :)

Before the concert, the teachers decided to cam-whore. :p

Even make-up too! :D

LOL. Ms Liew. :p she needs 3 teachers to hair-do/make-up her :p

Kids was everywhere :O
And got students in chacha class keep on crying for no reason. D:

And this is during their presentation :)
awww. so cute. Penguin cute! :)

I was so freaking tired. D:  Been standing, and finally after everything, I get to sit down  :)
and watch :p weeeeee!

 Family Fun Game: Rolling your wife and kid with toilet paper :D

 Family fun Game 2: Feeding your husband watermelons :D

The prizes for both games are quite interesting. :D
For the first game, all of them got tissue paper and the winner got toilet paper, o.O
second game, all of them got kuaci seeds and the winner got a watermelon. =.=

Drama time by teachers :p
so damn funny ;D

Kiddies. >.< omg so cute :33

Anyways, the other Priscilla lost her brace-late her mother gave her which she wore it for 15 years of her life. :O
that's hearbreaking and sad D:
Pity her :( hope she finds it. haiz.

My nametag <3 :D

Some of the children art work :)

Dhaaa ;]


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