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  Things to dream about
Posted at 11/23/2010 04:05:00 PM

Cassie change her name into mine's cause.......

hahahha! ;D

She's going to Sabah. :O
I want to go somewhere to. -.- haiz.

Speaking of going some where, I have a dream, a dream to flyyeee :DD

I want to go and meet all those korean hotties and maybe cam-whore with them :P






And to feel the snow, in my hands, on my head, and to sleep on it. :D

Ahhhh,, Korea :D

I also want to go to New York :]

Not to see hotties though, But I want to venture my journalist career there. :D
(not yet anything already got big dreams)

Yes, The New York Times. :))
I also want my Novel to be featured by them. :D haha!

And I would like to buy the cute T's there :D omgg!
+ Buy all the cute designer purse, outfit and shoes *faints of enthusiastic* :D 
-no picture huks-

And I also want to walk at the Town Square :D and feel it's squareness. LOL
And cause many movies feature it. :D
And I'll go, "OMG! JULIA ROBERTS STEP HERE BEFORE". :P and go all proud at myself. ahha!

And have you ever notice that some New York movies, they always put this view at the very first.
Example, The Devil . :P

Oh and not to forget The Statue of Liberty :3

And I want my honeymoon around the city of Europe :D

Like Paris, France :3

walk along this streets of love. :)

Scream I LOVE YOU DARLING from the Eiffel Tower :P

And just visit some more interesting places like The Lourve Courtyard :)

Then I'll fly to Verona, Italy :D

Hello Verona :D

Hold hands and walk through the crowds with my future husband :)

Visit the Santa Maria church and pray for our long lasting love :P

Pretend to lean while taking photos with the Leaning Tower Of Pisa :D
(btw photo above is straight)

Write PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR LONG LASTING LOVE to Juliet and stick it on her wall. :)

And don't forget eat yummy pizza :D

and also

Original french bread. :D
The ones we have in Malaysia are chinese made. They should call it Chinese Bread instead. lol :P

Then we ciao to Rome :))

Just to toss a coin and make some wish in the Trevi Fountain :3

and also, visit the Old Colosseum :D

Pray it doesn't break. lol. :p
Holding hands with him, sneaking in without getting notice, and kiss him on the bench.
ahhhh! :D

Well, should end the honeymoon there :P
I'm out of ideas, haha! +Maybe in the future, budget too! :D
So now, I'm planning to study, :D and errmm,, pass with beautiful colours :D
wakakakka! :33

Moral-of-the-story; Plan ahead! Don't let ahead plan you.

Dhaaa ;)

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