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  I so lose it
Posted at 11/08/2010 06:09:00 PM
Today was okay lh? 
The only time we learn was during Sejarah period. :D
But that's consider as checking paper?
I think all my subject marks go up, up, up!
And all the didn't study and goofing around payed off! :D
Was so happy especially for BM :p
I got A- for it :]]

And during english, Madam Flowrese asked us to do a sing-along :)
We sang Billionaire by Travie Mc-coy ft Bruno Mars :p
Then Lek Heng do a single on Your call by Secondhand Serenade.
 Then he and Harry did a duet on the song , erh, I forgot what song dy D:
Haiz. :( nevermind. LOL

This morning, I text yiming in class :p ngehehhe . for a reason. LOL
Than I saw him and an unknown boy in front of the boys toilet. xD
So I walked towards them and ehem2 at him :p
Then suddenly that unknown boy looked at me and I took a glance at him. :O
I repeatedly asked Cass, "Is that him?" :O
So I text yiming again, :p 
Me and Cass was like, impatient to know the answers, o.O 
our hearts were thumping of suspens. -.- 
Yeaa, it is him :p

It's almost the end of school year of 2010 D: and soon it be 2011.
And no more form 5 friends. :(
LOL. most of my close friends, i mean like really close are at form 5. 
LOL. yeaa. most of them are boys, =.=
I just can't tolerate or make friends with girls don't i? 
Most of my friends are boys :p since before, it always have been. :)

Me & Jennifer :3
Keith fake hand! :DD hahahaha!

LOL. :p

Confession/fact; Sometimes I may overeact, may cause fights, but deep in me, I never wished it happen.

You only know 1 but a hundred truth. Unless you're my bestfriend, please stop caring.

Moral-of-the-story; fights and curse don't lead no where. angry or not, you should forgive and forget. Just like God did to your sins. No matter how painful it is, God still forgive you. :)

Dhaaaaa ;]


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