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  Movie Marathon
Posted at 11/17/2010 09:32:00 PM
Today whole day at Spring. xD

Last night I slept late cause I watch Chloe with Chacha and fifi :p 
Man that movie deceive me. -.- The storyline so nice in the trailer but it's....... xD

So anyways, I wokeup late this morning. :p
Woke up, ate breakfast, bath, spring!
Went there with chacha and fifi. (: i saw so many Gaporians. 
But then, I forgot who I saw, so who cares. xD

ehmm, when we arrived, we went to Kim Bay :p hahaha!

LOL. :p
And don't think the bread is actually the same size as the picture cause NO. it's huge. -.- OMG.

First time I see people eat bun use fork and knife. xD

Then we went to Ta Kiong and buy some food to smuggle into the cinema! :D
I bought Bliss too! (: the small bottle, the one with the 5 bottles in a packet. -.-
LOL. first time I did something stupid like that! :D
(not enough drink during the movie but fortunately i brought water from home. xD)

We watched Megamind! :D 

So funny and awesome lh that movie! :p salute! :))

After the movie, I think I ate to much junk food, that my heart feels uncomfortable.
Even now. D:

After movie, we walked and walked and walked. -.-
I bought a cute shirt! ♥
After that, we went to Apple Donut :p a MUST when we go to Spring. :]

After donut-ing :D chacha and fifi when to Watson. -.-
so boring there. :P
so I left and hang-out with Helbert/Raymond at Gasoline. :D I still don't know which name should I address him with. -.-

He's still short (:

Oh! then dady come :D
we went to eat at Food Bazaar. D: omg. fat anytime liao. -.-

Actually I wanted to order Japanese considering I wasn't that hungry lol but chacha insisted in buying something worthy. -.-
I didn't eat em all though. to much lol :D hahaha! But I so damn like that chickieen :33


Confession/fact; I hate that wet after bath feeling after I wear my clothes and wrapped my neck with my towel. -.- 

Btw, chacha blueberry phone got stolen last night. :O By her own colleague. =.= what a friend.
Lucky chacha bath and think of checking her balance and transfer stuff online. :p
otherwise, bye2 blueberry. xD
hey! she has that habit too! think a lot during shower :pp
cause before also, she ever got her phone stolen :33
LOL. her luck :p

Pris: why all NYC shirt? so much for 1 Malaysia. xD

If you're hiding something, please tell me. I don't want to be lied again. So don't push me into that situation.

Moral-of-the-story; Don't eat to much JUNK FOOD. D:



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