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  10 tips on how to maintain a perfect relationship
Posted at 12/11/2010 11:06:00 PM

I decide to post this tips because my friend requested me to do so :) and because I can see that she is having a problem with her boyfie. awwReneeAww :(

I always wanted a perfect on-going relationship, still loving each other until after 3 years and so but I always fail to have that kiind of loving perfect relationship :( if I'm not the problem in a relationship, then it's the boys. -__- I just can't seem to find the decent one,, well, he will come. :]

so here are 10 tips on how to maintain a perfect relationship. :]

1. Trust each other.
- They say trust is the most important thing in a relationship after love. But what happens if you caught your partner red handed cheating on you? Do you still want to trust them? I'll say NO.
If they insist that they won't cheat on you again, don't ever believe them. They can leave you heartbroken once, they can leave you heartbroken twice. If they truly loves you, there won't be a second or third person in the relationship. But what if, you don't have any prove that they are cheating. Well, answer is quite clear there, DON'T SIMPLY ACCUSE THEM. and just keep trusting them. People can't stand being accuse, if you keep on accusing them, then the risk of breaking up is high.

2. Control Jealousy.
- Nobody wants a control freak as their partner. So if you control them to much like NO BEER WITH FRIENDS EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE AT THE SAME GENDER AS THEM AND YOU THOUGHT THAT THEY WILL END UP IN SOME OPPOSITE SEX BEDROOM or NO GOING TO THE OPPOSITE SEX BIRTHDAY PARTY ALONE or even worse, DON'T GO SHOPPING WITH YOUR MUM(if you are a boy)/DAD(if you are a girl). :O
epic lol. As I said at number 1, trust your partner. and control your jealousy if they're with the same gender as you person. LOL. High risk of breaking up if you don't give them spaces.

3. Don't bitch around.
- Don't go sleeping or bitching with some other opposite gender people and claiming that you and them are just friends. Friends don't bitch together. :3
Oh, bitch means flirt and all those bad things near flirt, ahahaha! x)

4. Tell the truth.
- Don't lie or else you go hell. :P + In a relationship, it'll just make your partner doubt you more and more, and they tend to not believe you anymore no matter how hard they try to believe you like they use to. Thus you're making things hard for them by struggling on tips number 1.

5. Don't neglect them.
- Show them how much you care for them. Scold if they do something wrong, lecture or kill yourself even it means to show that you're caring for them! on second thought, don't kill yourself, you'll end up in hell, plus, no benefit. You won't get to care for them anymore. p/s the things I write in tips number 5 is irrelevant if your partner leaves you or something. Especially the killing yourself part. p/s.p/s I was just joking about the killing part ar... If you really kill yourself don't add me in your death note. LOL

6. Accept them no matter what.
- The moment you said yes or you ask them to be your partner, you not only own them(partly before marriage), you also have to accept everything that comes with the package. Ugly, grumpy, control freak, you ask them/said yes, you have to cope up with all those negative things too. If you can't cope up, then why ask/said yes at the first place? You have to make sure you really love them, not the puppy love type of love where you THINK you love them. Cause that's just stupid. And before you ask/said yes, get to know them better. Don't rush things. Cause that's stupid too!

7. Keep promises.
- If you promise something, you must fulfill it. Don't make empty promises. It's bitter.

8. Don't hit them if your angry.
- Have you heard of the Rihanna and Chris Brown controversy? Well, if you never, then let me tell you something, YOU'RE A SISSY IF YOU HIT YOUR PARTNER. Tips number 8 is specially for boys who have the habit to hit someone when they're angry and brutal ladies(but I doubt most of us ladies are brutal). ehm, YOU'RE A GIRL IF YOU'RE A BOY WHO HITS GIRLS ESPECIALLY YOUR GIRLFRIEND.
You know why you're consider a sissy? Because only sissies does that. A gentleman would take it out on the people they are piss off at. If you have a girlfriend/wife just to get angry on them,, then I can tell you one thing, THEY'RE BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU CAUSE YOU'RE SISSY!!

9. Moderate meet so not boring.
- I advise you lovey dovey to meet at least 3 times a week. Or if you're busy 1 time a week as long as every 2 weeks meet. You cannot meet to often and you cannot me occasionally or every once in a month. To much and to little might cause boringness to each other. (meeting in school is not included). But if you meet up not too much and not less, means moderately, and your partner keep on blabbering that you don't give them space, it means they don't have the mood to see you and you know what that means. Means they're bored of you. Unless they are really busy and you're just being a bug their. Than it's a different thing. But if you really love each other, you won't hesitate to meet them.

10. Make them feel that you love them.
- Pamper them. Tell them that you love them very much. Even better if you send them love quotes everyday. Or every once in a while. Surprise them with gifts not only on special occasion. Advice for boys, buy her a necklace or a brace late, and help them wear it. Advice for girls, buy matching couple t-shirts as a gift. Advise for all, surprise hug them, surprise kisses. Anything. As long as you're able to show them how much you love them. :]


Writing this, I keep thinking of both Renee and the guy who just committed suicide. Seriously wow. He committed suicide just  because his girlfriend leave him. That is seriously sad and stupid at the same time. I'm not going to touch on his matter, because I don't know him.
What I want to tell you guys out there is, there is no point in suiciding because you're just going to make it worst for everybody. There's no point in forcing love too! Are you happy if you force someone to love you? Are you happy knowing that they are in your arms but they're heart is not with you?
Are you seriously happy? Because I know I won't. No matter how hard I try, I want him just for myself. But I know I couldn't. And I understand that you can't force love. I know what it feels like to be in a relationship and not love someone. I know, I've done that for 1 year plus. It's hurts. :S

As for the guy, Rest In Peace. Find a good girlfriend in your next life and don't try to kill yourself again.

Dhaaa :] 


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