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  10 tips on if little miss complicated likes you
Posted at 12/04/2010 01:32:00 PM
I'm just so sleepy but I couldn't sleep. wtf. -.-
So I decided to come up with a few list or tips on woman. :)

You see, woman is a really complicated little humans. They are so complicated that even Obama has troubles with them :p

So I've come out with a list of things on how to see whether a girl/woman of your dreams likes your or not? :)
But who am I kidding? Woman are so great that each one of them are different. Some can be so complicated, but the others can just be straightforward.
Well, enough lecturing, let's move on to those tips. :)

1. Text her, after a few texts leave her. If she text you back, means she cares that you're leaving.
- But sometimes this doesn't mean that she likes you, it also means that she's impatient for your text. erm, okay? maybe she likes you. But I do this heaps of time to a guy I don't like. -.- And to the guy I like, I don't because I'm shy :S but he gets a scolding from me when he text me back again. haha x)

2. Ask her out. If she invites friends means she doesn't like you.
- It's just simply she doesn't want to be with you alone and she's uncomfortable with the fact that's she is going to be with you alone.

3. If she gives you the jealous tone when you're with other girl.
 GIRL: "Oh so, you're with her now?"
BOY: "erm. no? i just go over to borrow her notes"
GIRL: "why don't you borrow mine!?"
BOY: "erm. we don't take the same subject"
GIRL: "are you texting somebody else beside me?"
BOY: "Yea. Lily"
GIRL: "why?!"
BOY: "erm. for fun?"

4. If she tells you she love you. (and maybe deny it tomorrow)
- This can happen if she really likes you but it also means she's super-super friendly and doesn't like you. So beware of this number 4. 

5. If she remembers to give you something on your birthday.
- Obviously. Unless you're her bestfriend than that's another meaning. But sometimes bestfriends can fall in love with each other especially if it revolves around a girl and a boy.

6. If she blogs often about you.
- Yeaa. :p Unless she doesn't have a blog. than.. er. -.-

7. If she scolds you like your mother do.
- It means she cares. Sometimes some people will act like they care by scolding you, but sometimes some people can scold you to the very end. So you have to different shape which is fake and which is true. Take time to learn this one.

8. If she is shy around you and talkative in text/chats.
- This can happen

9. If she stare at you during class. 
- This needs a friend help to detect. 

10. If she tells her friend about you.
 - I guess, number 10 is kinda tough to detect because girls keep secret among themselves. 

The things I wrote above are based on MY experience. So any objection please comment or any thing you want to point out, YOU CAN. :] 
BTW, I'll blog about how to get close to your woman/dream girl next time. :p

Dhaaaaa :]


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