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  10 tips to see if a boy likes you
Posted at 12/06/2010 03:53:00 PM
Previously I wrote about 10 tips on how to see if a girl likes a boy, so today I'm going to write about 10 tips to see if a boy likes you. Specially for GIRLS :]]

Girls, as you know boys are the simplest human being ever. Unless they are Lady Gaga fashion designer than they have no choice but to be complicated :P
When they like you, they'll just tell you, if not, they're friends would tell you. :P
However, boys can also be the most dangerous creatures known to mankind! They can make you believe they like you, when they don't :| and it usually hurts. :X

So here's 10 tips. :]

1. They'll get specially paranoid if you late reply their texts or chats on Facebook. 
- Boys hate to wait. Unless you're just something normal to him and you're talking about something important, then they won't mind if you late reply. But if you and him just write yes, no, yes, no all the way, then suddenly you didn't reply, he'll explode. haha! :D

2. They'll restrain you from meeting other guys.
- WHAT'S MINE WILL ONLY BE MINE. lol :P boys can get pretty jealous and when they do it'll get pretty ugly. :O trust me. lol :P

3. They keep on asking you to go out. ALONE.
- No comment. xD

4. They'll tell you they like you.
- As I said, boys are simple. But number 4 sometimes mean he wants to flirt with you because you're pretty. Hence, he can make you believe he likes you, but he don't. BEWARE. D: but remember GIRLS, when he tell he likes you, don't tell him you like him because if you don't, eventually he gets frustrated and never giving up on you. Trust me I know. haha x)

5. They'll show-off their things to you. 
- They wants your attention. They wants to make you think they're the best. :P

6. They'll "chia" you every now and then. 
- The same as number 5 reason. :P they wants to show-off money. haha x) but sometimes they just wants to make you feel special :]

7. They tell their friends about you.
- They're like girls. They gossips and stuff. xD haha! x) oh and usually the boy friends would spill the secret out. :D

8. He always wants to get close to you.
- He needs you. XD

9. He text/chat/find any type of technology as long as he can communicate with you 24 hours. 
- He so needs you. XP boys can't go for long without communicating with their love ones. oh and boys can go for long without even communicating. :P

10. They'll ask for you phone number.
- Especially if you're meeting a stranger online, and if he ask for your number, it means he like your company and he wants more of it. :] and things can change, :P

I gotta thank Gibson, my cousin for helping me to confirm all those tips in the middle of the night. :P
P/s I think of those tips all by myself, hahaha x) It's quite hard cause I'm no boy. I figured out those tips based on my experience. 

Once again, I'm sorry if I made any errors in this post and if this post seems obscene do tell me. 
I'll correct it.

And also, if a boy thinks he REALLY likes you and he'll make an effort to show it. 
So for any hurts you receive from boys, take it as a lesson.
Remember: Everybody can hurt you, you just have to choose who you want to hurt you.

Dhaaaa =]


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