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  A Christmas Story; PART 1
Posted at 12/25/2010 10:05:00 PM
A Christmas Story Part 1; Christmas Eve

My Christmas Eve started around 8pm plus :P 
Me, dady, Jeff, and fiey went to church to watch the church musical pageant :]
Caution! Photos overloading coming your way :D :D

The banner that screams WELCOME

The stage of the night :)

The program of the night. :P

The crowds behind me :P

Crowds in front of me.

This lady mermaid hair :3 makes me
wanna touch it :D
Btw, before the musical start, I was praying that no one would sit in front and beside me. 
But anyhoo, it's Christmas, and sharing is caring so I've no choice but to let them sit beside me and in front of me. Church was packed last night. :)
Then there is this one middle age lady sit beside me with her husband. I was sending Merry Christmas text to friends, than without noticing what I'm going to do next, I sigh. ... Greet the middle age lady. 
LOL. I'm super friendly wtf. and she looked all blured at me. xP she must have been wondering, "who the hell is that girl?!" XD some more is outside people, not the member of the church. LOLOL.
My face suddenly turned red and I laugh :D :D damn. lucky she not same church. hahaha! :D

More photos =)

Choir singing :)

Joseph and Angel Gabriel :]

Crowds in the city of Bethlehem.

Mary and Joseph finding a place to stay.

Mary, Joseph and Rachel the inn keeper wife.


Angels dancing :3

King Herod followers.

The mighty(and loud) King Herod :D

Court is in session. King Herod and 3 wise men.

3 wise men at the stable.

Mary and Joseph met Simeon.

Simeon rejoicing :D

Mathew's conclusion.

Mathew's cheering.
The musical is from the Gospel Mathew chapter 1 till 2. The play was awesome! :D

Pastor Wilfred gave a speech.

Kids singing. =)

All the cast member.

Photos look blur cause taken using a 3.2mp phone camera wtf TT
So anyways, overall the musical was a blast :] 

after church, went to Spring despite the crowd and jams just to watch half of a countdown concert hosted by DiGi and Hitz.Fm.

See. Traffic Jam all the way wtf 
Finally. -.- entrance :D

The extraordinary cacat tall Christmas
tree full with greetings. 

The reason I came.

The stage inside.

The supposingly to be feking Taiwanese Restaurant.
I want to try how ugly it was but it closed while other place
open wtf!!

The crowds. TT

More crowds at the stage outside.

more crowds wtf

Morgan and the Band. whoever they are. xDxD

DiGi dude! put this as your phone
wallpaper, confirm got line oneeee!  :D
Only for DiGi users, Always The Smarter Choice.

Me :D put this as my wallpaper, sure
got full line even in rural area :D

Vix :D

Lucky Draw. 

Some church :))
 My dad came and ruin all the fun. TT LOL. nola :D ngehhehee!
He say boring watch them so bring us go find food. :P
I wanted to eat at the new Taiwanese Restaurant but it was close. TT,,,,,,,,
I wanna try how feking it was :D

All Joy counter.

Yam ice without kacang :D

When otw go airport more traffic jam wtf
Oh yeaa, after that go airport cause want pick koko :))

While waiting for koko in the car. :]

The airport. Full with people waiting for their love ones.

Cutlery specially fly from Chicago :D
 Mumy: why you want buy fork and knives so many?
Koko: Cause it's cheap. 

I like how I look here :]
Look like terrorist hahaha XD
Koko bought me a binie and 2 t-shirts :] well, he didn't say it was for me, cause he just gave my lil bro all the stuff he bought for us at Chicago and went out to find his friend wtf
I took the binie and 2 shirts :D

Apparently, I can only wear this during
Xmas or without non-family looking
at me. LOL otherwise they'll think I'm weird.

Watches from Chicago :D

Ooo a normal car :)

Now they have transform into Transformer.
Zheng3 :D :D

Some few t-shirts koko bought too! XD

And he even bought magnets :]

This is my favourite :]

Pearls :D and the most expensive among all.
It cost 50USD there. :O
The shirts were only between 5USD - 6USD. watches are 12.88USD. magnets 5.22USD.
If convert to Malaysia money is -amount there- mutiply by RM3.11. wtf
means, shirts are between  RM15.55 - RM18.66 watches cost around RM40.05 and that bracelate cost around RM155.55 wtf :O LOL. quite cheap at Chicago in comparison to Malaysia :D :D well, ermm... ahahaha! x)

Stupid Transformer don't want to transform back into
the car. -____-

At last! but it looks crooked :/

Ahh.. This one is better =]
I'm done with part 1 :D ngehehhee! check part two of my Christmas moments too! :))

I didn't get to watch the fireworks =X

Dhaaaa! :]]

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