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  A Christmas Story; PART 2
Posted at 12/25/2010 11:02:00 PM

A ChristmaStorPar2;ChristmaDay

As early as 8am, I woke up, bath and went to church with fiey and dady :]
The church wasn't as packed as yesterday nor on Sundays meeting :/
But still, it was a blessed Christmas morning and a way to start our Christmas day :))

The choirs sang again :)

The angels dancing again :)

This angel has wings :D

More angel dancing :]
 The church ended quite early today. :)

Instead of Merry Christmas let's use Blessed Christmas instead.

After church we went to take our breakfast at some unknown kopitiam :3
I don't have the appetite to eat wtf :/
So I just ate ham and egg sandwich, and drank Teh C special :D :D

I felt really full after that =]

Oh yea, on the way home after buying some meat, we saw 2 men fighting over something. :O
At first I didn't notice anything until I heard a glass break at the kopitiam(a different one), then I saw this old man beating this young man. psst, I see like the old man no strength hit one. Oh2, the old man even pick up a chair trying to beat the young man with it. But the young man ran away cause I guess he didn't want to pick a fight with an old man. wtf. The old man didn't give up , so he chase the young man to the park across the street. That time we were just about to get in the car. Then dady followed them and I manage to snap a picture. I zoom the picture so that's why it's blurry :/ but it seems like the old man got the young man slippers and the young man is walking barefooted to the old man :3

It was a lucky thing that the young man didn't want to fight back cause otherwise for sure the old man died. xD and the young man will end up in jail during Christmas :D

A few hours after coming back home, me and chacha went to Spring to watch Tron Legacy :D :D 

The movie was awesome! :D :D
It's about a programmer got stuck in his own program called THE GRID and couldn't get out till 20 years later his son came and tried to rescue him :] 
I wanna be a movie spoiler first :D :D 
Kevin Flynn got stuck because of his own program, Clu(which he created to make THE GRID perfect), betray him and wanting to release THE GRID for the whole world to see how great and strong Clu and his army is. But in order for Clu to show the world(which he can't), he needs Kevin Flynn disc. 20 years later, Sam Flynn, Kevin's son found Kevin's little office beneath his arcade with the help of Alan, a loyal friend to Kevin. Sam then found himself inside THE GRID. bla bla bla. Sam met Clu and thought that Clu is his father but more to his father's evil clone wtf. than.... Sam met a pretty girl name Quorra :D okay I'll stop spoiling the movie moments now. 
Watch it yourself aite? :D 

I want the motorcycle that Sam use in THE GRID :X so awesome max!

This movie is super awesome my mouth was hanging and eyes were like o.O during the movie. xD
I suggest you to watch it in 3D, cause this movie has a lot of effects that would look greater in 3D.
wtfwtfwtf can't wait for it to come out at Disney Channel :))

some more the main character super dazzling hot ;)

Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn.

I was alone in the lift :D
alone for the first time =] lucky the lift
didn't suddenly broken and leave me alone
to die inside there wtf 

Java Chip :]
I had my first Starbucks too today =] 
wtf I know this is the 21st century and I as the modern society should try Starbucks from the very first, but yeaa. as I said before, I'm just a poor little kid trying to survive the world that is full with evil cute looking calling names T-shirts wtf wtf =X
Starbucks is okay? :) especially with the whip cream above. but call me crazy, I prefer Old Town better than Starbucks. bwahahaha :3

Me cam-whoring :3

Then, me and chacha walk around Spring or was it rectangularly? cause Spring is rectangle you see. xD
whatever la . we walk for 3 hours looking at shirts D: wtfwtf my leg sure sore everytime come back Spring one.. xD

So anyways, I still have the thought of trying the feking Taiwanese Restaurant that people have been saying that it's feking sucks but it was full and have to take a number and wait for a few hours wtf already 6pm haiz.
Nevermind. I'll try you next time you Taiwanese Restaurant you!? =X

So instead, chacha treat me on Sushi King =]
Yes. It's my first time too. -facepalm- I never went in cause, well, I ever went in once la, but no water that time wtf =X oh, I never bother to went in cause I never was in the mood for sushi and yeaa. haiz.

Green Tea.

Sushi's moving on the conveyor belt for customer to
grab it :3


So this is basically what I do during Christmas 2010 =]
I had fun and all.
Wonder how's my Christmas next year :D

Also check out if you've missed part 1 of my Christmas Story. =]

Hark the Herald Angel Sing.
Ever wonder what is Hark? Hark means Listen. :) Listen what Herald Angel Sing, Glory to the newborn King! 

Dhaaaa :D :D

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