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  Gu Mi Ho Shi
Posted at 12/14/2010 10:53:00 AM
It's been a while since I blog :O 
Well, Yes, I'm lazy to blog. and this is the first time. o.o I think?

Well, it's because I've been watching dramas online, :)

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Awesome drama! :D 
Damn. How I wish Astro have both KBS and SBS :/ wouldn't that be fun?
But it also means that my study time is less, cause to many dramas to watch ;D

I watch this drama at, sometimes if your line connection is good, it loads fast. 
Almost like YouTube. But if your line connection is as bad as mine, plus, many people use,
you will get angry and sleep early and stuff. :D
That's what I've been doing yesterday and yes-yesterday. :/ if you read my tweets for those 2 days, you can see how angry I am :D
But now, my little siblings are not yet awake, it's the right time to load those videos :D

That Saturday, I went to Spring with my parents :O
We went to Jason's shop, Universal Traveller >.< imagine my awkwardness standing in there picking winter clothes for my mom!
Before go there, I made my mom round Parkson so many times ;D
After finish buy, he say THANK YOU to my mom, then I said, NO THANK YOU and do peace at him.

ngehehehehe :3

Then mumy wanted to go change her number from Celcom to DiGi, ALWAYS THE SMARTER CHOICE because Celcom keep on eating her money.
But then, after a few hours the DiGi simcard can't activate. o.o So I called DiGi Center and they told me we have to wait for Celcom approval. xD
I thought they won't know, rupa-rupa need approval ;D so I told my mum, she said Celcom don't want let her go cause she's a loyal customer always get loyal bonus ;D

Confession; I still think of you at night. Not because I love you, which I'm not. But because you promise me something.

don't let one heartbreak make you give up on love. that one heart break could be the one that leads you to your soul mate.

Moral-of-the-story; You do something and you regret. You don't do something and you regret. So it's better you do something rather than nothing.

Dhaaa! :))

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