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  How to become a professional Stalker
Posted at 12/30/2010 04:18:00 PM
Being a stalker is one thing. Being a professional stalker is another =]

Stalker or Stalking simply means looking through other people infos and find out what other people do as a hobby and stuff. 

Everybody can become a stalker!  :D 
and here are tips on how to be a professional stalker =]

 Wear a collar shirt and go around looking suspicious O: 
- Stalkers are usually the suspicious ones.

 Sit at the corner of your room, preferably a dark area in front of your PC/LAPTOP.
- Suspicious acts :O

 Eat chocolate while sitting at the corner in the dark in front of your PC/LAPTOP.
- In case you get hungry :P

 Specify a victim.

aha! He looks yummeh to be stalk >=D 
a perfect victim. :)
The victim of being stalk are usually pretty, handsome and popular people. Nobody would want to stalk somebody unpopular and unattractive. :]
I also don't know why? But it's human nature xD

First, check every detail in his profile.
Looks like he has a blog and a bucketlist :O perfect, ehehehhee!
+ he is neither single nor taken. he is enjoying his life! (got chance) xD

Since his last name appear to be "TAWIE" means, all the people in his siblings with the name "TAWIE" is his real siblings =]

More infos to stalk :D :D

Click on his twitter account first :P
He looks like a girl :D

Next is his flickr account =]

Oo... I spot something worth stalking :P

Will you,, catch me if i accidentally fall off the stairs?
Is he falling in love? :O

Well, it could be a 50/50 conclusion as this photo is publish a long long time ago in Bethlehem :D

Next is his Tumblr account =]

Nothing much tho. cause Tumblr is like a photo blog where you blog random photos. o.o

Next is his blog =]
BTW, he has such great taste in making his blog template ;)

Click on his past :D

OO... a list of his exes :O naise! =D

Next is making a conclusion from what you see =]
- He is a handsome boy who is single and is enjoying his life to the fullest :P
In twitter, he talks about when he is to update his blog, and stuff. oh! his friend just got back from Korea! naise :P and last night he's sad cause he didn't get to go on Innit because he was too busy watching Mary Stayed Out All Night episod 12 on Youtube. :O
From his Flickr account he seems to love to take self-cam-whore-photos and loves to edit them. maybe he tries to hide something.... (or just trying to make the photo naiser)
He has a list of ex. Hence making him a playboy . xD

Gain Weight.
- Since all you do is sit down and stalk people while eating, than most probably you'll gain weight.
and NO typing and clicking is not exercising. :P

Lastly, make a name for yourself. =]
- I mean that literally O: what I meant actually is share what you discover :)
It's human nature to share it around, hence there's where gossiping starts and how rumors spread.
And this is bad cause things may not seem like it is. :) so yeaa. this isn't advisable unless you want to get bashed up if you spread wrong news especially the ones that can hurt people, :)

But be sure, you don't get caught at the end of the day :D

Nobody likes being stalked, at the same time everybody's doing it.
It's human nature :D that's what I've been saying since just now =]
There's only one way if you don't want to get stalked, that is, DON'T GET A LIFE or DELETE YOUR FACEBOOK/TWITTER/BLOG and such :)
because when you do, nobody can stalked you :P or if you loved your social network, and don't want to get stalked, then don't post any info :)
remember, the internet is not only yours to see. it's also for everyone.

Sometimes, one can be an accidental stalker :O they will eventually see something interesting like a friend's status at the Facebook homepage saying that they're angry and such. and those accidental stalkers will eventually click on the stalkee name. Like I said if you hate this behavior, then don't get a life or don't interact online =]

Oh2, word of advice, if people happen to call you a stalker, tell them this, :D

BTW, i'm harmless and this post is just for fun >.<
don't avoid me please :P haha!


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