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  I want is diff than I need :D
Posted at 12/23/2010 06:16:00 PM
I got inspired(Xing & Kenwooi)ages ago to write this post but was to lazy to write simply cause I don't want to be a called poser whatsoever but I guess every has their own time to give opinion right? :))

So anyways, I am here to give my opinion of how my future boyfie or husband should sound like? :O
something like that laa. xD

1.  He must be older than me.
- I don't date younger boys and I certainly don't want anymore again to date boys same age as me. But then again, I don't want boys 10 years and more older than me. LOL. that is just disgusting xD

2. He must be taller than me.

- OMG no way. -___- I don't believe in love that can withstand numbers. :P height and age does matter :D

3. Must same religion!
- I don't care if you're an iban, bidayuh, chinese as long as you're the same religion as me! :O
I don't want to suddenly have to convert my religion after marriage, change name, zz, get disown by my dad wtf and if you're a Christian, but not as devoted and doesn't go to church, then boo hoo to you too. 

4. Hair must not longer than mine. 

- Long hair guys are ok la actually. :P especially if you look hot like Jang Geun Suk wtf

But I can't tolerate boys who's hair is longer than mine! some more better and straighter and healthier wtf~ 

5. Don't smoke or take drugs.
- I can tolerate him going clubbing, as long as don't over till go back home with random girls wtf and also,, he doesn't smokes nor take drugs. For me smokers are okay? cause most of my ex are smokers wtf but because I want us to live long together, don't want suddenly die than have to live a widower Grrr. and I simply think drug addicts are disgusting and they will steal your money just for drugs! love my foot arrr.. xD

6. Proper Education. 

Photos stolen from Xing xD
- English is a MUST! I don't know how to communicate with people who doesn't talk proper English. Later miscommunication how?! 
Boy: how much are you?
Girl: whuuttt? -____- 
Boy: Apa khabar? / Ni hao ma?
Girl: ohhhhh~ wtf

plus, plus, I want someone who talks English cause my tongue only like to speak in English :D
And also he must be cleverer than me. :] if I'm half stupid he must be a quarter stupid. :P 

7. Understanding, honest, sensitive, caring, faithful, humble.
- This is bonus. xP if he is none above, means he's rude, selfish and is an asshole.

8. Not camera-shy :O

Thanks to my ex for contributing a
picture :D
- Since I cam-whore a lot, it would actually be nice if my future boyfie cam-whore too!
 But not till like this laaaa! wtf

This one to over liao. -.- make me want cry if my boyfie act all gay in front of camera without my permission D: oh yeaah, and usually I will ask guys to cam-whore vainly bwahahaha! beware :P
Oh2, i would prefer my future boyfie to take photos like this,, 

See so innocent looking. Make me fall in love liao. :D 
And the reason why I want guys who's not camera-shy because I so damn want a couple picture?! but most of my ex are camera-shy wtf!!

9. Proper sense of humor. 
- I don't want to serious and also don't want to funny. Serious guys are usually control freaks wtf and sometimes they have anger management issues. Tooooo funny guys also can't. It's like I'm dating a clown. -______-

10. Emo/Goth/Punk
- I don't want to date someone like those D: it's like dating a cry-baby/hand-slasher for emo dudes, vampires for goth, and for punkss... okay I don't know what punk do's.. And I don't care, I just want an innocent boyfie who doesn't listen to metal/rock songs and sit at the corner and cry waiting to die omg. -___-

11. Romantic.
 - Every girl wants a Prince Charming :]

12. Blogger.
- I would like it if one day I have a blogger as a boyfie :D I can read his feelings and also read his days without me. Wouldn't that be awesome! :P

13. I jump, You jump.
- I want someone who could do all the stupid things I do with me. :P like jumping of a building. :D naaahh.. kidding :] my future boyfie should be someone who would rather do stupid fun things with me than stop me from doing stupid fun things. :D

14. Someone who can cook.
 - Of course! :D but most of the boys I know are a better cooker than me. ftw

15. Just him
- I don't want a fake person who tries to be something he is not just to impress me. Not cool. 

These are a few :] there's more but I couldn't possibly share it here cause for some reason I also don't know what reason :P ehehehe!
and if you are the types I just describe, do tell me :D i'm currently single ;) ahahaha! xD
Just joking! :P I'm actually single and unavailable now :] cause I want to focus on my SPM first xP

Dhaaaa! :]]

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