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  It's Christmas Eve ♥
Posted at 12/24/2010 01:55:00 PM

First of all, I want to wish everybody Merry Christmas :]]

Christmas happens because of the birth of Christ. Without Him, they probably won't be any gifts given, receive, carols sung  across the street, through the neighbourhood.
After the birth of Jesus, people all around came to see him. He's the bestest gift God has ever given to us, no doubt it. :]

But where does Santa Claus came from? Does Jesus look or is Santa Claus? Well, I've heard before that Santa Claus is just a mitos. Nevermind about that. :))

As you can observe, stalls after stalls, malls after malls, all join in their Christmas Celebration by putting Christmas decoration and making a Christmas Sales. And their hustle and bustle customers busy buying gifts for Christmas.

And here, at priscieunperfect nation :D :D i added a simple Christmas Decoration. Try find it :D :D
(at first I planned to put dandruff snow effect, but it lags up my blog LOL)
Everyone including the non Christians are in their Christmas Mood :] Everyone is busy asking Santa for gifts. Christmas is not about Santarinas giving presents or what, it's about celebrating the birth of Jesus :]

But still it wouldn't hurt for me to ask Santa right? :D :D :D

So here it is :D :D

Dear darling Santa, 

How have you been since last Christmas?? I hope you are well so you can send gifts to little children like me tonight.

 As you know I've been a good girl this year. *winks* I've finish my 
homework, I've never skip a class, I don't curse(instead I spell it out like usual), I cry myself to sleep instead of planning a revenge, I don't pick fights(although I want to), no longer yell at my mum, help around with chores, I didn't lie to my dad once this year to go out, I go to church regularly, but although I still try to pick fights with my little brother, spend money endlessly on cute stuff, and gossiping I still think I deserve to be in your good girl list because the bad things I did is less than the good things I did. :)

So Santa, I've seen that you have lose weight trying to order your little elves to work making stuff for us little good children :)) And furthermore, you look a lot handsome than last year *winks*. 

The actual reason I wrote this letter is to tell you what I want this Christmas.My wants isn't as much as before because it has reduce a lot this few days thanks to the man God gave me on my birth-day. ^^

Firstly I still want a treadmill since my wish of having one isn't fulfill yet.

Next I want my family to always be healthy no matter what =) and also dear darling Santa, can you make my dad richer next year?? I've seem to always have money problem this year, plus my dad is no longer working, TT. so please still have food as many as this year next year kay?

And lastly, erm, erm , I couldn't think of anything. Ah yes, I'm not asking for anything more, just that since the tooth-fairy gave me a wisdom tooth, can you grant me a wisdomer brain for my SPM next year please. I'm not asking more anything more.
 Just that :))

Oh yess, and also please get those crappy humans out of the government. Thanks Santa =))

Here's a song sung by another good boy, David Archuleta =)) 
listen to it Santa! :D he's good! :))

before I end this letter, dear Santa, please bring my brother back home safely tonight :]]
And also, please tell the man God gave me on my birth-day to bring me and my family to Spring tonight for the Christmas celebration! :D 
I would really want to go to one since I've never been to any :(( and also, I hope my church musical will succeed! =)

May you have a blessed day Santa! :) 
God bless you!
Love Priscilla :D :D

I'm done :D :D 

Christmas is all about spending time with your love ones! :) 

Dhaaaa! :]]

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