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  Japanese Perm?
Posted at 12/17/2010 12:27:00 AM
This picture so ugly. D:

Yesterday, dady come back quite late from a Media Party. :) and he won a lucky draw. :P
He told my mum that, got people win Ipod, Ipad, Holiday Ticket to Korea, Hong Kong, Tokyo. Also got laptop, and all those gadgets stuff :P 
You must be reading and guessing what my dad won right? :P well, No, it's none of those. -__-

He won a MalaysiaWow book. wow. -__- it contains many2 vouchers of shopping malls around Kuching. And guess what, the fun part is, it expire on 31st December 2010 so I have to go on a 3 days, 3 nights full without rest shopping spree.  =.=  They purposely put lucky draw like that ar :O cause no more money to buy proper gifts. xD

Previously I got this :] but I only use some of the vouchers on Ipoh Town. That's all. xD
Useless give book like this. -__ - oh well, it's better than giving something educational which I guess I won't even dream of touching it, haha. XP

Oh yeaa, In that MalaysiaWow also got Blogger Kenny Sia name/picture. xD LOL
I still wonder where is Level Up Fitness. Probably seldom go to his gym area that's why I never see :P
But it would certainly be an honour of meeting him in person though. xD

So anyways, let's get back to my oh-so-wow story :P
I flipped through the pages. One thing I never like about vouchers is that, FREE IS FREE BUT.. got but.. -__- I'm just a kid you know dear voucher, I'm trying to make a living XD haha.. You give me free voucher but got but. Got condition. LOL :P FREE IS FREE BUT NEED TO DINE IN. 
Well,, I guess nothing is free in this world. :]
So anyways, as I was flipping through the pages I found this voucher.

ee Japanese Perm RM68 only normal price is RM138. :P

Hair Dimension House. 

And the condition is your hair must be..........

Up to medium length hair. :P

Is my hair medium length enough? That's what I've been running around the house asking last night. xD my sis said it was so whatever :]

So last night, I sleep late.. =.= ... and on Repunzel, and google search for JAPANESE PERM.
I found this website, :) It's an awesome website though. You can see so many types of Japanese cute hairstyles :3

And I saw...
Japanese medium hairstyle
this hair. :)
Is it nice? Ahhh... Wouldn't it be nice to get my hair settle on a Japanese Perm.  =)
I even google more of Japanese Perm xD

Then I ask myself, if that is Japanese Perm while Googling all that last night. Than what is Digital Perm? :O
So I Google Digital Perm too and found out, it's not much different than Japanese Perm. Only it's a bit straighter :)

I think Digital Perm is nicer :D

So the whole last night and today I've been thinking of getting a Japanese Perm. Even did my homework and revise more on what I will post on blog for today.  
So, there I was staring and capturing one by one of those screenshots. Until I notice one thing!

So I facepalm alone for a few minutes. -___- And guess what! I was over the moon before I post the RM68 Japanese Perm voucher but it change after I post my back hair picture. LOL
So I Google "What is Japanese Perm".

 and they gave me... so I click...

 and I found out the sick and disgusting truth. xD ahahaha! I mean it literally btw :))
"so they call it a perm to confuse people... nice. they should call it japanese straightening instead!"
So,, are you ready to see what is a Japanese Perm? :P Man, I think Google is a life saver for a nooby like me :D


Before. During. After.
Japanese Perm is like straightening your hair except it has wavy effect at the end of your hair roots.
I go wtf after looking at it. =.=

Oh yeahh, if you were wondering what is a Digital Perm? Is it a fake confusing name too?
No. It's not. :] in fact, Digital Perm is.....

I'm done :D
And after all this, I think my own hair now is better than a Japanese Perm :P


Confession/fact: If I know I'm right on something I will fight for it. 
It's true though :]] I don't know why? But I have a big ego and will do anything to protect my pride from getting hurt.

But yeaa, my pride for me is more important than a small friendship. :D Unless your my bestie that I'm willing to hurt my pride just for the sake of our friendship. :)

I should be a lawyer instead. -___-

Moral-of-the-story; Don't fight the game you know you're losing or you'll end up being embarrass. And NO. there is no plan B in losing. Just in winning. :D 

Dhaaa! :D


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