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Posted at 12/02/2010 02:48:00 AM
I'm bored :/
It's around 1am and I still haven't sleep yet :p LOL
I did tried to sleep, but my head was some where :D 

I just love my current blog template, :D especially my header. 

Yeaah, I'm mostly on blogs this few days. :) I don't know why I'm addicted to blog now? :O
Oh and fyi, i'm the new face in nuffnang :D
 I don't usually go Facebook-ing now, -.- I'm bored of stalking people on Facebook :p

Now I upgrade and stalk people on blog :D
I usually stalk(daily),  Kaljis(my atuk ehehe xD), Andrew, Hillary, Xia Xue, Ringo, oh and also my bestie Vero :]
(don't be afraid, i'm just a harmless stalker xD)

and now i'm just resting (while updating) from blog-stalking Ken. :D
Actually I didn't plan to read his blog before I went online, :P
I was thinking of reading Kenny's :P (he's kinda cute for an old man xD)
But then, the updates on my dashboard caught my eye :O

LOL. Ken just update so I click on and read and I find his blog interesting :P
and I remember, yesterday? 

Ken commented on my Xmas gift's :P The one I said I want a treadmill :D
Yes I seriously need to burn off some fats, im fat :X
Oh and then, I went all proud at myself, eheheh :P my cousin once told me, that I'm the kind of person who gets excited easily. -.-
Oh yeah, it's because Ken is nuffnang featured blogger for the month of November :D

nuffnang magazine cover

So just now, I took all the energy I had and read all his blog post(well not all, some :P) and I actually laugh like hell reading it. xD
He's kind of funny, and I like his photos :))
He's creative on what he writes, and he is the type of person who looks down on himself.
In conclusion he's not proud of what his doing, oh and wtf he still claims he's not popular. -.-
He's featured blogger of the month duh lol
He's popular :D maybe he's just being modest? don't want to showoff and all. :D hahaha!

boobs blog

Oh yeaah, though he claim his blog is clean, it isn't :P his blog is full with hamsap things. -.-
HEY I THOUGHT YOU SAY YOU SHY ? :O how can be hamsap waaannt,, xD ahahhaha!
+ i thought shy people don't know how to express their feelings? :O


ehehehe, from all the reading I made, I will try to introduce Ken here :))
(and maybe make him more popular, xD haha! maybe :O my traffic so low ;( huhu)

iron man flying
He is so called Iron Man :p

masturbation motivational poster
He loves masturbating/playing with Ken the doll. -.- wtf

-skip the boobs part-

camwhore fail
He is super terrible in cam-whoring :P he is so terrible that camera cries for him. xD
(no offend)

house drawing
He has a nice house, which reminds me of my drawing back in kindergarten :D

He once own a Lamborghini........ for 5 seconds.. :P then he had to give it away :D

 adidas running shoes
His proud of his Adidas shoes :P

sexy hippo
He has a pet named Sexy :O

hot girls
Okay? -.-

Oh! he loves clubbing! :D

rather than .. sleeping at home, haha.
-couldn't find that bed picture :( -

Okay2, :D that's enough plagiarizing :D

oh waitt,,,,,

paris montparnesse tower view

One thing I like about him is that he's been to Paris . LOL. so lame leh. -.-

Anyways, he said something in his previous post ( How to be a famous blogger on nuffnang , and How to be famous like Kenny Sia)  like "YOU BLOG ABOUT THEM, THEY BLOG ABOUT YOU. IT'S A WIN-WIN SITUATION" . and also got, "KENNY SIA AND RINGO FROM CHEESERLAND.COM ARE VERY CLOSE FRIENDS. SO RINGO BLOGS ABOUT KENNY, KENNY BLOGS ABOUT RINGO." which concludes to, "DON'T EVEN DREAM BIG OF BEING A CLOSE FRIENDS WITH KENNY SIA IF YOU'RE NOT FAMOUS - IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE WAY OUT OF THEIR LEAGUE" . hahaha. x)
The main reason I blog about Kenwooi, -readers screaming- WTF I KNOW LA HE'S FAMOUS AND I'M NOT. -.- TUMPANG FAMOUS LAA :P oh2, the main reason I blog about Kenwooi it's cause he wrote in his blog saying, "Really appreciate that. Thank you, and sorry if I missed out any. So yeah, anyone else is gonna promote/review/declare-your-love-to on their blog? Do tell me okay! " :P
I want to get appreciated too! haha x) ok,, actually i also don't know why I want to blog about him, :O the idea just came to mind (:

Okay? I think I'm done :O it's almost 3am, wtf. -.- haha!

BTW, Ken already got gf, :P so any hot girls out there looking for a funny chinese guy like him, he's off. :D

eiffel tower paris
See they even went to Paris together :P
Barbie is lucky to have a guy like him, ahahhaha! :D

nuffnang rulez

+ Thanks to Ken for always making our days. (:

Dhaaaa ;)


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