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  A little to much don't you think?
Posted at 12/26/2010 11:09:00 PM

Today is not a good day. Not enough sleep, acne problems oh damn wtf plus bad hair day :(
I don't want to talk about it. It's just so damn sad. TT fml
Today go Fung shop make new specs :] it's black! hallelujah. LOL.

So anyways, I just got back from dinner with my family. :]
I've decided to blog about the food cause I have done so many things to my blog, but I never done a food review for all I know. :O 

At a seafood place called TJ Anchor House. 
They were football fans cheering out loudly for Malaysia. It's the first time I saw supporters support their own country. Impressive. But noisy wtf =.= 

Okay2, food time :D

Sea cucumber soup
Oh wait-wait. I think I made a mistake with the caption. It's suppose to be "with less sea cucumber soup".
wtfwtf I can count how many sea cucumber inside :(( the taste was okay? we have to add our own vinegar in. -.- this cost rm15 okay la....

Mix Vege
 Brocolli not enough :( but whatever la cause at the end I still get to eat brocolli thanks to my little bro for not being able to eat his food finish :D the gravy is salty, and yea the mix vege is nice =]
this cost rm15... okay la also :P

Sweet and sour pork
 Actually I don't know is pork or chicken. After 16 years living eating pork and chicken, oh wait minus 1 year without teeth, I still can't differentiate between pork and chicken but my mum said it was pork so pork la :3 this dish is okay too? i don't know, was it my feeling or i overeacted or what but the pork tasted like it hasn't been washed properly. =.= okay2 la, i overeacted. (not) =]
and this cost rm16.. :O

Butter Prawn
 This is funny wtf xD we got 8 prawns, 8 FREAKIN PRAWNS for RM28. =.= 
My sister, my dad all laugh looking at the 8 pieces prawns that cost rm28. maybe my family to thrifty.
what the hell. I take that back. this is freakingly not worth it. Other place, one whole plate full, cost under RM15 nia, zz, my aunt even can buy 2 kg under RM30? I think? I also don't know how much wtf but my dad say even Tiger Prawns sell at the market only for RM1. wtfwtf.
some more the boy act dumb eyh,

Mum: Arh....??
Dad: har??
Boy: You order prawn right??
Dad: Why so little?!
Boy: -do dumb face- so little? (cause before we got 8 prawns, we only got 4)
*takes plate and plus 4 more prawns*

wtf. 4 prawns cost RM14. =.= seriously blood choking(cekik darah) arrr.... =.=

And total bill is RM77. wth. better just eat kolo mee/claypot/chicken rice or better go Chicago 7, sure more cheap. =.=

Okay2 la. I forgive you today. Cause I'm sure I will never see you again =] 


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