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  My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Posted at 12/18/2010 06:59:00 PM
wow damn he's cute! :D
I miss Song Joong Ki. Like seriously. I want to find his movie, THE HEARTY PAWS 2. :D

Recently I just finish watching a korean drama online, at :D
It loads fast like I said in my previous post. =)
I always see this drama being sell at Speedy and some other local dvd shop but have no interest in even looking at what more to say touching it :D I started to have interest in watching it when my blogger buddy told me to watch it. 
So I started watching this drama approximately a week ago. :D
and finish watching it yesterday. :] 

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. 
This story, staring Lee Seung Gi as Cha Dae Woong and Sin Min Ah as Mi Ho the Gumiho. :]
First of all the title Gumiho means Nine Tail Fox, a legendary mystic creature in the early ages of Korea.
In this story, the Gumiho, is trap inside a picture with Sam Shin Grandma, the spirit grandma. And this picture is in a temple. But as soon as Dae Woong arrived at the temple, he led himself to the small house where the picture is kept. Mi Ho, the desperate Gumiho ask Dae Woong to free her by drawing 9 tails on tailless fox in the picture. And the next thing Dae Woong knew, he is stuck with a Gumiho by his side. From 1 problem to another, this melodrama will sure to entertain you to the fulless.

Look! there's a ghost behind him! :O

Mi Ho admiring the technology of toilet xD
Dae Woong needs Mi Ho, so he lied to her at first so he can keep Mi Ho fox bead in his chest in order to survive the pain he endure from falling down a cliff so he can be an action star. But Mi Ho too has a different reason of letting him. That is she wants to be a human. With the help of Park Doo Joo(Noh Min Woo) blood, she will die slowly and when she finally dies, she will have the bead back and be human. Simple. Or that's what she thinks at first. You see nothing in life is simple. :P

Towards the ending everything become sad that I even cried continuously from episod 15 till episod 16. Like seriously wtf. :D

This girl, Yes, This nine-tail-fox girl has a change a irresponsible boy into the most decent gentleman ever! =)

Your missing out a lot if your not watching this! :D


Any drama suggestion for me? :]
p/s must be a Korean drama ftw :D :D

Last week, is the last episod of Sungkyukwan Scandal :( BIG AWWW!!
Big aww because I'll definitely miss this drama. TT

This drama staring Micky Yeochun as Lee Seon Jun and Park Min Yeong as Kim Yunsik is about a girl despite the law of decorum and the law of Confucius, she pretends to be a boy in order to enter a school. wtf. this girl love to study :O

There she meets Moon Jae Sin AKA Crazy Horse(Yoo Ah In) and Gu Yongha(SONG JOONG KI WTF), and together the four of them plus Lee Seon Jun are the Ravishing Quartet :D

BTW, this is not Kim Yunhui. This is some perasan girl :D
Nothing much in the middle part of the story, just some funny business :D towards the ending, Lee Seon Jun found out that Kim Yunsik is a girl name Kim Yunhui, and the hell they date each other. LOL.

Song Joong Ki :D
This story is quite forwarding, nothing much to tell and yet it is funny :D
Watch it if you haven't! :))

So cute :D :D
Garang, Big Man, Crazy Horse, Ladies Man.


In replacement of Sungkyunkwan Scandal next week is........

Mary Stayed Out All night or it's international name, Please marry me Mary! :D

I can't wait because I CAN'T WAIT since last month I wanted to watch because got my favourite girl, MOON GEUN YONG :D :D ftw!

She is so damn pretty :D :D 

And sometimes I wish she would marry Song Joong Ki :D Like seriously! =))

Lalalalala Can't wait :D


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