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  You made me hate myself
Posted at 12/08/2010 10:12:00 PM

Since I just got imaginary dump, I shall blog about signs if HE'S NOT THAT INTO YOU.
There's actually a movie,,

It's a nice movie, I forgot the characters name cause it's been a while since I watch it, but I practically remember what happen. :) Erm, Girl A is trying her best to get a boyfriend but no one wants her, but she thinks otherwise. Then she met some guy at a pub, and that guy teach her how to see if a guy isn't into her. :]

I know I'm just to young to think of things like this. And I'm just to young to get involve in things like this. I know, I know. I know why because I'm to young to get heartbreaks from people my mom warn me about. I'm just to young and the only thing I should be focusing on right now is my studies. :/
I just got imaginary dump. Well, imaginary because we didn't get together, so actually I don't really have the rights to feel this way. But because he promise me a lot of things, I just couldn't let go and I couldn't accept the fact that he's no longer there, despite all his promises. Yeaa, I've been thinking a lot lately. Because finally I found someone who could change me and who could make me forget of my past with my ex. I finally found someone and he isn't for me. Truth to be told, he is the first one to make me feel this way. After my ex, I thought I couldn't love another. I thought I'm repellent to all those empty promises. I usually don't fall for things like this, but I don't know what happen. :/

Call me stupid but here are a few signs to show that HE IS NOT THAT INTO YOU.

Number 1
- He doesn't reply to your texts. 

Number 2
- He is actively chatting with people on Facebook but ignore your chats and when you ask him he tell you all sort of excuses.

Number 3
- He doesn't talk to you like before.

Number 4
- He doesn't make any eye contact to you.

Number 5
- He's different from before.

You know what! I'm FINE. I don't need him because clearly he doesn't need me anymore!
I'm FINE. Go on with your life! You told me not to care about you anymore! FINE! Go jump off a building and die! Cause thanks to you, I now see myself in a PILE OF DUMPSHIT!
THANKS THANKS your the best boy. You manage to make me feel so shitty and stupid =X
Thanks for all the broken promises! You know what,, I never should have believe you. But I believe anyway because some how, between all those fun and laughters moment, I FCKING FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU!! I hope you're happy BECAUSE FINALLY YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU!! ;(

I want someone who could tell me I'm pretty for Christmas.


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