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Posted at 12/01/2010 02:28:00 PM
Most of us has come across what we all feared of, REJECTION.
You lie if you live for 10 years and more and you say you never get rejected, -.-
I wrote this post simply cause I think rejection is painful, and because I reject someone the other day. xD
ngehehehhe :3
I understand your pain, but we're not meant to be. That's all. :))

There's always a little light in the dark.

There's always a little hope when they seem to be none.

The type of rejection I am going to blog about today is love rejection :)
There are so many types of rejection such as in friendships, work and so on. 
But I'm an expert in love. LOLOL :p Nolaaa.

They say rejection is God's protection?
It's true in some point. :) 
Cause usually rejection either means that the person is waiting for someone else, or isn't ready to be in a commitment. So anyways, Rejection as God's protection? It simply means that God knows you're going to get hurt if you keep on wanting to be with the person. No matter how much you begged, that person won't turn to you. So maybe he/she does, but it won't last long because he/she is actually forced to accept love by rejectee. It's easy to move a person but not the heart of a person.

So why forced someone to be in a relationship with you? It'll just hurt you to know that once that person accept you, it's just something call PITY LOVE.
Oh that's so sad. :P

So why reject REJECTION? Just live with it, after all you're only human and you only have one life.
So why cry over someone who just reject you?
So you're just going to waste your energy slopping yourself on the couch sipping papaya juice just because you just got rejected? NO. don't do that. -.-
Get up! Throw away that papaya juice, and sing I'M RIDING SOLO, YEA, YEA :D
or..... try going on Facebook, meet more people, or maybe, be a blogger that express what she/he learn throughout the whole living life and let other people learn from it. :)
+ Being single isn't that bad you know. (: sometimes single brings more happiness. 
And maybe while you're happy being single and all, some guy/girl will come and bring more happiness to you. And maybe this time you won't get rejected. :))


p/s don't treat getting hurt as something that normally happens in life. Treat it as something wonderful, something that you should write in your diary. Treat it as a lesson in life. :)
p p/s cry helps if you're hurt. after all those crying, you'll feel stupid that you cried.

Dhaaaaa :]

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