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  Repunzel :D
Posted at 12/05/2010 10:41:00 PM
become boss already :D
Last night I sleep really early. o.o haha.
I was so damn tired. :(
+ I set my alarm to wake me up at 12.30am cause I want to see chacha. :)
She just got back from KL last night :p she bought me a cute yellow t-shirt. yay! :D

Than after that, around 2am? I sleep back :P ehehe. 
Then this morning, woke up, bath, breakfast, churchy! ;D

Today is Holy Communion :)) So we took the Last Supper. :)

Naaa, see sempat :D ahaha!

Today we learn that, of all the grand things in the world to be as the Lord Supper, why Jesus chose the bread and the wine. It's because, everybody can afford the Lord Supper. :)
Poor or rich, young or old, any Baptiste who believe in the Lord Jesus, shall take the bread as the body of Jesus, and the wine, as the blood. :)

*correct me if I'm wrong. because I was half asleep thanks to the damn coffee XD

I'm going to the Emmanuel Has Come musical :D

It's free. :)
On 24th of December 2010, at SIB Kuching. Anyone who's interested can ask me, I help take ticket for you,
hahaha xD

After churchy, go dady office, then go PC Fair. :]


At first, we wanted to buy a fax machine, then mumy was like, "I want my own laptop", so dady went and buy for her, + me too! :D 
Unexpected actually . lol :p ehehehe. I was like "maaa! don't but acer, no good! buy Toshiba" :p
Then when we're at the Acer booth, I saw a really cute pink Acer laptop ;D then dady asked me what colour I want, I say, "I want pink" :p mumy was like "ee like toy" LOL
Then mumy say, "choose other one la" then dady say, "let her choose what she wants" :O
haha. x)

The first one above is mine. :) 
Her pink name is Repunzel :DD hahaha!
 I know right? I sound so obsess. -.-

Then while mumy was choosing her Toshiba laptop, I stumbled upon a guy I met at the PC Fair :P
He's an old teacher who apparently has a friend relationship with my teacher at school. haha 
He was like, "how old are you?" "16" "what still smk?!" :p ahha!
Then I told him the story of Repunzel (: and he told me I am so lucky to have a dad like him. :]]

I guess I owe my parents a trip to Hawaii now :p


Then, go coffee shop, eat, then go back fifi cry cause she wants a new laptop too ;D
So we went to Seberkas, she got a new laptop. -.- same like mine only hers is purple, light purple :]
oh2, + I wanted to put Song Joong Ki as my wallpaper, but can't :( they asshole didn't install the SET-A-PICTURE-AS-YOUR-WALLPAPER software. -.- I didn't know they had a software for that, haha x)
So another reason why we go to Seberkas :P

After that, go Essensual, chacha cut hair. :D I brought Repunzel too. :] but couldn't online cause no line ;(
After that, go eat at Desert Paradise. Nyums

Pamelo something lol. :p

Yam something. XD

Spagheti? :D

chacha :]

OMG D: I look fat. TT

Confession/fact; I say I'm fat, but deep down, I know I'm not. :D

Yesterday, I went to one DVD shop at Tabuan Plaza. 
The sign says, "RM4 FOR 1 KOREAN SERIES" it says, "ONE KOREAN SERIES"
So I assume one series/drama cost around rm4, when I ask to confirm, the guy says,
"Err. no. *counts the amount of DVD in the case* it's rm12"
So pissed off lol :p I really wanted to watch korean dramas :( so I pissingly told him, "YOU SHOULD CHANGE YOUR SIGN!" :P
I becoming more and more like my father. D:

Where are you? ;( I've been waiting 7 stupid days for your text. busy spm? fine. I understand :/

Moral-of-the-story; Wait, and you will receive more than what you desire.

Dhaaaa ;))


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