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  Seungil Chueka abuji :D
Posted at 12/20/2010 12:07:00 PM
A brief 3 minutes words on what I did yesterday before I blog about my dad birthday :D

Went to dady office after church.
 It be the last day I'm there cause 
dady's retiring today :( 
Oh2, no electric yesterday, xP 
I went to see Evelyn at HnL, 
she's a promoter there :D
When out to buy my school uniform,
 and mumy shirts :P


Last night I force dady go buy bread even though it's kinda late. xD 
he hesitated a little cause kinda lazy and cause Jeff wanna go home to use the toilet badly xP 
I even make tantrums in the car :D :D

So anyways, I slept kinda late last night :O and I woke up super crispy early this morning. wtf 
Well, it's cause I need to make dady's birthday surprise breakfast :))
Thanks to Eunixxie simple egg toast and bread pizza recipe I manage to surprise him a little :D
Plus! it's the first time I really made breakfast! :D (maggi not included xD)
and it's also the first time I cooked, or erm, bake? , ovening? for someone's birthday :P

The bread pizza turn out fine :D except for the cheese, bluerk! i hate cheese :(

Don't ask me how the simple egg toast ended up though. *face palm*ftw 
Firstly I tried putting in the egg, it leak D: efff! then i put in oven, the top burnt a bit D:
so the 2nd one, i grill it on green pan, now the bottom burnt D: what the eff! 
So epic fail. -___- 
To ashame so no pictures for that XD ngeheheheh!

oh2, even bought a cake for dady! :D (used his money buy XD)

Ermm, i think the cake was a fail too, cause it's small, hard cause of the type of the cream, no candle plus! it's a Christmas cake ;D hahaha!

Tomorrow is my dentist appointment! :D 
pray that my dentist tells me my teeth is squeaky clean and the thought of a hole between my teeth is just an imaginary hole :D 

Saranghae oppa! :))

Confession/fact: I like to surprise people as well as being surprise :))

I downloaded all of Chris Brown songs ;)

Moral-of-the-story; Plan something a few days(for minor stuff)/weeks(major stuff) earlier and have confidence in doing it and promise you that your plan will either come out extraordinary awesome or just the way you thought it would be :]

Dhaaa ;D

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