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  The Social Network
Posted at 12/09/2010 11:48:00 PM
First of all, I want to tell you I'm super extra crispy tired.... and sleepy... o.o

Second of all, I had fun today with Siaw Ying :)

Yerr. me and my chubby baobei :3 ehehehehe.

Third of all, we watch THE SOCIAL NETWORK, which is sangat the awesome sehingga saya mahu menangis ;D LOL. Joking.

So anyways, basically THE SOCIAL NETWORK is about how Facebook is found. :3
So today I learn that Mark Zuckerberg betrayed his friend/co-founder of Facebook, even get a lawsuit by his friend/co-founder of Facebook and from the Winklevoss Twins and their friend Divya Narendra.
LOL. I want to be the fun ruiner for those who haven't watch it yet :3 eheheh.
Mark Z friend/co-founder, Eduardo Saverin sued him because Mark lowered down his share in Facebook, from 30+ percent to 0.03 percent. Sad isn't it? :O and the Winklevoss twins with their friend sued him because they said Mark stoled their idea. :O 
Well, I think Mark did steal his idea :P but compare Harvard-Connection and The Facebook, The Facebook is much more better ;D ehehehe. :3

Ying told me to meet up at 11am+, but I came to early so decided to crash and online at dady's office for a while :3 after Ying text and said that she's on the way now, I walked to Spring. LOLOL :P
I waited for around 10 minutes plus for her D: I even cam-whore! 

When she finally arrived, I huggy her :D we huggy!! yay huggy! ;D

Then we walked to MBO. On the way up, Ying go and point at simply people and say that they are agua. -__- aiyoo.. LOL I thought is me thick face, check-check she more thick face than me ;D
So anyways, the guy offered RM5 per ticket to watch THE SOCIAL NETWORK, I just nod my head only :3 haha.
After that, go eat KFC :DD

Zinger Combo LOL :3 i don't know why but it happen to be my first time so willingly to eat KFC. haha!

After that, we need to wait until 1.45pm for the movie to start. o.o and at the time we finish eat is 12.05pm! walao. :O so we walk around, nothing to do, -___- then we sit down at random place and cam-whore! :D

Us outside the toilet :3

Background: Baby Changing Room ;D

"I've been a good girl Santa!"

Us sitting at the bench staring and commenting at random people ;D

Bluerk! :P

And this little girl so cute! :3 ehehehe. Remind me of Ye Eun in Oh My Lady ;D

People(we) got hurt during the cam-whoring. :D
-stupid thorny bush-

Nyum. Red cherry ;D

I wanna eat the cherry! :D

This is on the stage in the middle of Spring. -__- wonder what's it doing there? LOL :P

Ngee :]

I like this one! Peace ;D

Random crazy pose :3

Blehh.. Become normal cam-whorer already :3

Then we walk-walk to Ta Kiong to buy food to smuggle in the cinema. ;D

And I saw this Snowman! ;D omg, I wanna take close pictures with it, but can't :(( uhuhuh.

After that, is movie time ;D ehehehe.

Watch... watch.. watch.. happy.. happy.. ;D

oh BTW, 

Andrew Garfield or Eduardo Saverin in the movie so damn cute :3

Left is Andrew Garfield and right is Eduardo Saverin the real one! :D
So different the face :3 ehehehe.

Left is Jesse Aisenberg and right is Mark Zuckerberg! :D they actually are related from afar together :3
How awesome is that! (:

So anyways after movie, we went to Food Bazaar and ate Iglool ice shave cream! ;D

 Ying one was the chocolate one and mine is the milk one :D

Then we walk-walk again, go Ta Kiong first cause Ying want to buy some juice for her family.

 Sempat take photo ;D

 I like my face, I sensor Ying face cause it's so lighty ;D

Oh then we decided to take photo with Uncle KFC :]]

And finally, I'm done ;D

Confession/fact; I bring a bottle of water everywhere I go :3 I sound like a nerd ;D

I'm fine :]

Moral-of-the-story; Becareful of the world. People may be friendly to you, but not all have the same meaning. Their the people your mother warn you about.


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