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  The summary of the year 2010
Posted at 12/31/2010 04:09:00 PM
Tomorrow is the New Year =] 
I'm scare to move on, everytime I hear NEW YEAR, it means, more challenges, more things to learn and more to things I'll encounter. ;( bad or good, you don't even know. haiz :((

So here is a summary of my year 2010 =]

January 2010.
- The first month of 2010. which also means, new class, new classmates and more friends. Because I got quite a good result in PMR I was chosen to enter the 2nd best class which I'm not proud of ;( Like seriously. pure science and all. so anyways, in this month, I broke up with my 1 year ex, found a new one :D but it didn't work out in the later month. so anyways, as days goes by, I found myself in the most prestige column in the school magazine and also went to my first CHANGE YOUR WORLD CONCERT. it's my second Christian concert btw :)

February 2010.

- I spent my valentine alone :D haha! it's the first time after numerous relationship :) 

I also went to the arcade for the first time :D -face palm- hahahaha! And I also learn to get used to using words like in the English book and since than my blog has been a little formal than before, and much more serious on the way I write my blog.

March 2010.

- I shoot my first short drama with my friends for school assembly at Friendship Park. :) It was okay I guess? Tho I kept on shivering and laughing, trying to be much more serious but yea. And in the end it went well. =] I even make my first own music clip  for 3 hours non stop looking at the laptop just for my English presentation :D Oh2, I even make myself look stupid D: and I even got called into the Principle office eff. haha. for 2 reasons. 1 cause she needed my help on something on Facebook. 2 cause our school went on Borneo Post :P it's the school hardest month of all. haha

April 2010.
- This is the month where I went on a relationship with my last ex. Turn out unwell along the months. :) but I manage by :D I wrote 5 things not to do during a blackout and presented it during an aural, erm, it didn't turn out fine tho. :/ I wasn't prepared. TT and I ended up with low marks for it. wtf.  Along the days, my house got burn for the first time. well, part of it. It was still fortunate for us it didn't ate the whole house. And also, the whole of March and April, I was busy training for my KRS foot drill that I actually got sun-burned. TT and that taught me to never stay under the sun for so long, plus! it change my perspective on National Service and since than I prayed that I won't get chosen :D well, praticing under the sun payed off anyway when my team won 3rd in the competition. It was the most shocking thing to happen :D haha! My sunburn didn't end there tho cause we need to practice for sports day :/ and my sports team won 2nd ftw!! and also I manage my own business for the first time and it taught me to never do that again! :D During the sports day, many shocking things happened like my ex massaging my leg and also my face was publish in the OLAHRAGAWATI section cause I represent someone. hahahaha!!

May 2010.

- I went to Semenggok Wildlife for the first time :D and saw Orang Utans for the first time too! wtf I also went to my 3rd Christian Concert . and it was more than a blast for than the 2nd time. :P  i also work for the 2nd time at Spring Shopping Mall together with my ex! :D The whole 3 weeks has been a blessing to me cause I get to spend time with my ex, learn a few things and yeaa =]

June 2010. 
- This month is my working month :) and I only got 1 day off. i took that day to spend time kbox-ing with my classmates :D and on that day too my ex bam-boo-ing at me like never before cause I go out with mostly boys. D: and cause I lied to him I go out with my sis. (I didn't lie kayy! everything turn out unexpected) =/ Ahhh, during work, i even share a stolen Twisties left by a customer :PP along the working days I had to ask for a half day to go for a bbq organize by my classmates and me :D it was a blast and my ex even came =] 

When I was no longer working, I went to my a few times reporter function at 4 points :D and I score my most expensive medicine on the same day xP then, I even met with my internet friend and we hang out for the first time :D towards the end of June, the prefect list came out, and I'm one of them!! haha x)

July 2010.
- This is my saddest month cause I cried every night mourning for my lost ex :P hahaha! so my friend brought me to Delizze to cheer me up :) I still love him for that. :) and also my prefect interview is in this month. damn. i still resent the answers I gave :D haha! my school appear on Borneo Post because of RIMUP. It's the first time something good about my school has appear. haha! oh and I pick up my first dollar :D and to end my July, I went to two caves at once :) fairy cave and Wind cave :D

August 2010.
- I fought with my friend's cousin and broke some hearts. :P oh I even spent a few hours in the hair exhibition by RiGi 2 hair academy doing my hair :D and it's so awesome! but then I got my first demerit because of that wtfwtf all those years of good records. TT not my fault! I'm innocent! >.< 
I join an Innovation Competition and lost wtf :D then after that my 2nd walk from school to BDC. haha!
Lose a few KGs after that :P I also join a crossword puzzle competition and lost too :/ I sucks in mind games. =/ I was also given a responsibility to sing at a Physics Convention but at last it cancel and thanks to that I got sore throat wtf then, I even declare quits(for 1 week) to the internet world D: it was torture to not blog. xD haha!  I ended my August with a trip to Hun Nam Siang Tng Old Folks home =]

September 2010
- This is the school holiday month :D and I started it off with doing my English project on pottery where I went to my aunt pottery factory :D learn a lot. :) then Raya came in, on the 5th Raya, me and a few friends went to my teacher house to karaoke :D imagine that. hahaha! and when school re-open, my class took part in a sketch competition and won 1st :D despite all the last minute practice. haha x)
I also went to a Prefect Telematch at St Joseph ftw although it was damn tiring and aching it's still awesome! and I made a lot of friends too :)) 

Oh but then, I also got a few bruise because of the telematch wtf D:

and my September ended with me helping to clean the pond. hahaha! :P 

October 2010.
- My first storyboard :D it's a compilations of my short stories :) and this is my second :D don't mind the title, I lazy change. haha x) October is my birthday :D and also my brother's. Nothing much on my birthday tho, EXCEPT THE FACT THAT MY PHONE CAMERA HAD TO GO AWOL ON ME.  

The next day, is my Prefect Installation Night. It was an awesome night cause yeaa, read to know more :D if only it was someone elso. hhahahaha!! :P
and the next morning, I went to Hills Shopping Mall to accompany my sis and bro to a colouring competition :O I also got my face drawn there =] 

So ugly D: I mean me. TT

November 2010.
- My November start off with me receiving my International Australian English Test result or better known as ICAS. haha :D I payed RM25 for this test. -.- then it was my big sister birthday :P so we went to SCR and I regret TT. The next day, I helped out with her Kindergarten Concert for both morning where we had to get ready everything, and also night, during the concert =] I even felt love after a long time :D which is super until he imaginary dump me D: and this month is also the end of school 2010 ftw!
I even cut my fringe myself and it was a success :D another first time is me watching 3D :D
oh then I joined Nuffnang on 18 November =] and since than, my post has been formal and really2 serious :O unlike before, ehehehe! I even completed 2 storyboards. 3rd one and 4th one. =]

December 2010. 
- I started this month with the desire to write about Kenwooi :] 
then I got imaginary dump :(( but I still manage by, didn't cry and still stay strong with a new hope :]
and because of that, I decided to go single till after spm :D so yea, it's actually a Thank You to him :)
Beside that, I even got my very first own laptop :D and it's pink!

oh yeaa, then, I went out with my 1 year plus didn't see friend :D and it was awesome! I also finish watch my very first online drama :P and I even make a surprise birthday breakfast for my dad! :D 
I also went to the dentist for the first time just to found out I have healthy teeth and a growing wisdom tooth. :P I also won tickets by Hitz.FM to watch The Tourist :)) It's my first time too! 
Then it's Christmas time :)) so my very first time, I wrote a letter to Santa :D I never do that even when I'm a toddler cause since small I never believe in Santa =] my Christmas Eve was a blast thanks to my church musical :D same goes also to my Christmas day where after church I went to watch a movie and also had my first Starbucks :D and I semi-ended my December by eating frickishly expensive not worth it rip off prawns :P and how I end it? well, by this =]

Happy new Year people! :))


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