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  This is my 601 post wtf
Posted at 12/21/2010 01:04:00 PM
I've been on blog for so long(2 years plus nia) liao :D :D 

Last night I slept super crispy late again wtf. -___- know today need to go see dentist in the early hours of the morning. TT not enough sleep wtf
You want to know why I sleep late last night? ngehehehe! :D I wait for him to online, :P 
Damn. I always like boys who are out of my league wtf. -____- why I so fascist oneee... TT

Oh2 bout my morning at the dentist :D
I woke up around 8am this morning, damn so cold and crispy sleepy till almost can't wakeup. TT
I think I'm going to have breakouts even more, the old ones haven't even lose TT 

So anyways, I went to my cousin's dentist clinic :] 
my mum said she felt comfortable if a relative tend to her rather than an unknown person xD
Her clinic name is CATHERINE YII DENTIST CLINIC. something like that la. :P I never go see dentist, this is my 1st time :D (primary school dentist coming over not included LOL)

The stairs up. Damn Look so scary! :O

The counter LOL don't know why I took this picture
 I didn't take anymore pictures cause I shy :S damn curses this shyness! :D

My cousin said I used to look shorter wtf :P now I'm taller than her :D
plus she also add that my face still look like a baby face :P really?! XD ngehehehehe! :3

Use webcam cause lazy cam-whore use phone :D
Song Joong Ki as wallpaper! :D
Guess what time now xD and when I took this photo.
Oh2 so anyways, my cousin also said that my wisdom teeth is growing :D so the hole in my teeth is an imaginary one! :D yay! and my teeth is perfectly fine!
plus i'm getting wiser soon after my wisdom teeth grows up! :))

After that, me and mum went limteh with her friends. wtf her friends so funny ;D 

I ate Hong Kong Chu Cheong Fun and drank Green Tea.
My mum teeth got pulled out, was numb for 4 hours and she can't eat XD

Yes aunty. I am on diet now :D :D

Confession/fact; I have issues with myself and at times I fail to understand my needs. 

It's true that I've been yearning for the perfect one. But at the same time I like being single. 
And I think being single is the best because I can mind my own business, plus, SPM is around the corner. I want to focus more on my studies rather than getting hurt over and over again. 

Moral-of-the-story; Don't let your jealousy come through what's right and wrong.

Dhaaaa :D


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