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  Time goes that fast meh?!
Posted at 12/28/2010 01:26:00 PM
Yes it does. TT -paranoid-
If you don't believe me, than nevermind. D: time just goes so friggin fast I forgot what time is it now. TT

So anyways, it's 5 more days to school. :/
And next year is no ordinary year for me. I'm sure I'll be busy like ass next year, spm candidates, more homework ftw, (which reminds me I haven't finish my assignment yet. =.=) plus I'm a prefect. :]
Being a prefect is good. I guess? There are so much privilege and stuff. Get acknowledge widely by teachers and you can get away with doing bad stuff hahaha! :D but if you get caught, you don't want to know what happen =.=

*stare* wtf. Okay2, I take everything I said about being a prefect is a privilege. 

Cause there is nothing good about being a prefect and appear as if your fashion sense sucks. -.-
I look like a teacher wtf D: wanna cry liao to see that is how I'll appear to school next year. TT
But then again, school attire are suppose to appear as if your fashion sense sucks. haha!
-force smile-

See! even if I act cute still look as if my fashion sense sucks. ftw =.=

So anyways, being in school and spm candidate and all, makes me no time to update blog like usual TT but i'll try though. hahah! don't want my blog to seem dead o.o
I also can't watch Korean drama hardcore-ly anymore wtf D: so torture next year. TT
I ain't born to memorize and study and stuff. TT haiz.
I was born to act cute xD *flip hair and wave*

This holidays has been great. :] I'm sure gonna miss it. And for the second time actually I wasn't so glad that school is starting after 1 month plus of holidays. In fact, i'm devastated?!!
I'm going to miss all the friends I made virtually during the holiday. Erh~ epic. I just made that sound so sad. =.=

So from Facebook, I'm sure gonna miss chatting with George Ponujuo Barin =]

He's the only virtual new Facebook friend I have so far. oh I mean close virtual new Facebook friend :D cause I don't usually add unknown people. But George happens to be a good friend of a good friend of mine :D and before we actually add each other, we ever talk to each other :]]

Next are my friends from Innit :] I try to remember them all one by one :D
p/s names are arrange according to the ABC.
Is your name in here? :)
  1. AlbertAKAkoko - the one that always hear what I have to say. Give me advice and vice versa :]
  2. Bendan - Kahmon? Come on? xD
  3. Eunixiee - She's the one that always manage to make me hungry and happy with her food blog. plus! she's the one that saves my dad birthday surprise breakfast with her creative recipe :P
  4. Hilda - One thing I like about her is the way she puts her name :] HildaLadida :D
  5. Iris - She's not okay now. :( but I hope she'll be :]
  6. Jemsen - I hate him. Act so innocent, pro and old padahal only 14!!?
  7. Jessicat - Ms Moderator :P
  8. Joel - He's internet name is Leon. :D But I think Joel is cuter plus it fits his immature self better =]
  9. John - Yay! Kuching Lang :D but never meet him. -__- so makes no different D: he is still my virtual friend. xDxD
  10. Joyce - Layheok ! :D she is the first of all innit friends blog I read =] and it says that she can't blog anymore. So I simply comfort her :P and also the first innit friend to add me on Facebook :D
  11. Glammie - When I first chat with him, I thought he is a she wtf. His nickname is membernglam. I call him glammie/glam. Can you guess why I thought he was a she? :D until now I still can't get use to the fact she is a he. dontslapmeplease xD
  12. Lilian - Michee Twin :D 
  13. Darran - Limmie. Don't you think his name sounds better if it's Darren :D haha!
  14. Michee - She likes Glammie :O And erm Lilian twinnie :D a very funny girl :] and I wtf love her nail job!
  15. Philip - Philipeh :) next year SPM candidate also :O 
  16. Sherina - I miss her :( she so long edy didn't online. TT
  17. Sherman - He likes it better if I call him Ji Wei. o.o But shermannie is better ;] he is a mature talker for a 14 year old wtf
  18. Soulesscloudy - I will never get to know her real name. TT just call her Cloudy :P
  19. Sue - The only person I talk BM too! :O
  20. Tolanic - My burger buddeh :D he is funny - and weird at the same time :]
  21. Xing - I think she's pretty c;
  22. Yahui - I don't know why? But I feel like me and her seems to have some common love problems :P
  23. Yee-ing - Yeeing :D :D
Woopps.. I remember having her on my list, :O but I see I forgotten :( sorry.

Carmen Wong - She's hot like fire with super nice house :D :D

That's all my brain manage to remember :P
The rest sorry can't remember. TT either we don't interact much or my brain forgets you.
Sorry Sorry

Well, they're the reason I don't go Facebook that much anymore. :]] Love em lots.
This is definitely the privilege to join nuffnang. It's a pity I didn't join years ago :/ haiz.
Well, anyhoos, I hope I'll meet em all someday :]
Especially all these inspirational bloggers, KennySiaKenwooiXiaxueRingo/Chessie :]

Dhaaaaaa :]

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