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  Yesterday is old news
Posted at 12/23/2010 10:39:00 AM
22 December 2010

Guess what I'm driver for the day!

Yesterday went to 3 types of banks with my parents and little sibling. Or was it 2 types of banks? o.o
I don't really care. xD all I know is you can't text or make a call in the bank! wtf is the bank like a school or something? o.o but if I were to compare school and bank, I would choose bank to study in. xD

This is Minute Maid Pulpy drink ads!
Drink and you will feel like a maid :D jk~
 So anyways, while I was reading EPOP in one of those banks, Kuching called me :D To be exact, Herman, one of the announcer in Kuching called :D :D :D
At first I was kinda blur, "who the hell is Herman" whoopss sorry, sorry! Than when I listened to Hitz, Herman is one of the announcer xD i seldom listen to his time. When is his time I also don't know wtf
So anyways, he told me I won 2 free passes to watch THE TOURIST at Lotus Cinema, Kuching. :P

He said, "you can bring your boyfriend along" than i said, "i'm single ftw" then he said, "har.. single ar?!" then i said, "can please stop offending me liao" XDXD
We had some pretty weird conversation. -___- but in the end he said, he will call again by this week to let me know where to get my ticket. xP
So how did I win? well, I become Hitz loyal listener :PP and they called me randomly . LOLOL.
Nolaaaa. :] I send SMS to them and tell them why I want to watch THE TOURIST :D I guess my answer is creative :PP don't want tell you what I put otherwise you steal my answer and win too! XD

Peace! :PP

After banks, went to buy me and my lil siblings uniforms . Then go home, then go out again :D
Go BDC, Popular :33
Was there for about 1 hour plus :O
firstly, we went out to buy pencil case :PP but then..... Popular no nice pencil case..... so.... I went to look around for novels :D :D

Thanks for the memories by Cecilia Ahern.
Charlie St Cloud by Ben Sherwood.
I bought 2 novels instead of 1 pencil case. xP ngeehhehehe!

Then went to Watson a while and bought......

ELLIPS!! Hair vitamin :))
 I saw this product in 2 blogs that day, but forgot which blog. -____- I so forgetful . xD
This product is quite good, my hair is still soft till now :D

It comes in 4 colour :]
Black  - Shiny black hair. (so obvious)
Yellow - Smooth and Shiny. (mine)
Pink - Hair treatment. (I want :( but my hair no need treatment liao)
Purple - For dyed hair. 

I didn't see those bottles Ellips last night so I bought the packet one. :)
It's quite cheap for something sold at Watson. xD
So I bought the 6 per pack(RM4.45) as a trial. If good I'll buy the Godknowshowmany in a packet(RM7.45) :P

Here's the little bubbly buddy :P

Me molesting it! trying to open it. xD

Finally :D after much poking :P

The end! :]]

don't piss me off when my blogging mood is high ! *stare*

confession/fact; I'm a wannabe! wtf

my hair is my baby :D 

Being dumped, taken for granted and hurt by the one they love is the reason why many people choose to FLIRT than to be in a relationship.

Moral-of-the-story; Never take things for granted. You never know what's going to happen.



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