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  10 things I'll do if you keep on pestering me
Posted at 1/08/2011 02:42:00 PM
Pesterers. errrrrrrrrrrrr. so annoying. -________- 
especially when I'm on PMS mode. Daii la you people who pester me. LOL :P

10 things I'll do if you keep on pestering me. :D haha! x)

1. I'll post a long status on Facebook about you. 
- a very long and deep Facebook status like my recent one, "Before you point hands, you better see the way use to treat me. I don't need no money, no gift. All I need is for you to understand."

2. I'll stare at you whenever I see you.
- Lucky my stare is not that powerful, if not sure you perasan one. -___-

3. I'll tweet about you.
- I'm a twitter freak. haha x) I'll tweet about anything including those embarrassing moments of you in the shower. :D :D

4. I'll tell my bestfriend about you.
- Typical. Gossip Girls. eyerrrrrr.

5. I will not blog about you.
- Because you'll make my blog dirty :D unless you really pester me hard, that pester isn't a word anymore, hah? i forgot what to say d. haha :D

6. I'll think of you.
- And the way you move your ass around. xD hahahaha!

Okay I can't think of anything. o.o I didn't do my homework before I start blogging. D:
usually I do, but now, lazy do. xP hahaha!
The next 3 would be how you could pester me. hahahah xD

7. By talking about me when I don't even know your last name.
- Like seriously. =.= I never talk about/laugh with/see also never suddenly got talked behind. D:
wtf is that?!

8. By posting stuffs on Facebook.

9. By praising self when there is specifically nothing to be praise.
- eff. I don't need to know. =.= agitating much...

10. By teasing the people I heart.
- I especially hate people who tease the people who I heart because part of them is me too.

Dhaaaaaa :]

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