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Posted at 1/17/2011 05:07:00 PM

I've receive my school last year magazine this morning while I was dreading to go the toilet after recess. :P
The cover was okay? It could do a bit more tho. I'm tempted to capture last-last year magazine cover cause it was a masterpiece but it's like tore. D: and the pages haiz. that magazine is so dying. LOL :P

So anyways, I wasn't unsatisfied with 2010 magazine. :| FML
I was in the special reports section, but I didn't see my name. And you know how grumpy I get if I did something but wasn't acknowledge >=(

Some more for the Special Reports Section, we don't have a picture !! we only have it for Reporters Club >=( 
Hrmmmm... but then again, maybe the magazine teacher got so angry with The Special Reports cause we were unactive and stuff all the many thanks to the Ketua :D she fcuking even took off with the reporters vest >=( now we're vestless WTFWTF

So far, my face only appear 3 times in the magazine so FMLFMLFML D: nevermind! since this is my last year, I'll make HISTORY! :))

This is the Kadet Remaja page. I circled my face. :D 

Now try find me here. :P ahahaha! I look so FMLFML. TT this comes to show that Priscilla+beret=UGLY

This is the Reporters page :) I'm the naib-president :')
This page, errr, I don't seriously get. wtf. How can there be 21 members altogether? Maybe I'm ignorant because I don't really like the ketua. :P we have mutual feelings towards each other. :D haha! but still I don't think we have that many members >=( or.... do we?? o.o NO WAY LA. Reporters Club can't have so many members. :O
so anyways, this page was super ugly. D: they like zoom in the pictures WTF and I look fat.


Here's one page I'm currently satisfied fully . :) my class photo. Tho my hair was quite different but yea. :P it's my best picture in the whole magazine. :D ahahhaa!

Overall, I'm not satisfied with last year school magazine. It's full with mistakes and blur pictures :|

This year I'm making history !! :') 
I already had a full plan on the Reporters Club since I'm the boss. :D YAYAYAY!!
I'm not going to make them die. :')

Moral-of-the-story; Don't tell me you're failing without even trying.

Dhaaaa =]


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