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  Chocolate is love
Posted at 1/04/2011 04:11:00 PM

Who ever said Chocolate was girls bestfriend? As a matter of fact, you give me diamonds, I'll don't know what to do with it. For me, chocolate are every girls dreams. :]
You pamper me with chocolate, while controlling my weight, I'll pamper you with love. :D :D
ahahhahhahaha x)

Anyways, my second day of school was ever more so awesome than the first day :D 
Despite the homeworks given(curses) tho. 
Hrrmmm, During English lesson, Madam Flowrese asked us to present the poem in an unique way we can think of. :) LALALALALATHEPRIZEISCHOCOLATEOMWTFLALALALALA !!
The prize is a chocolate which I crave so the badly, D:

It's that chocolate :D well, not the same kind. I couldn't find the chocolate picture ;( 
I teamed up with Cass, Harry, and Khai Lun on this. :D we sang like caroling. haha x) 
we turned the poem into a carol song. :D
Harry and Khai Lun sang the first and second verse. While Cass rap, YEA SHE RAPS FTW WHO KNOWS, the third verse :P and I sing solo the last one. :D :D 
Teacher say my singing so cute, ahahahaha! Wait, is that suppose to be good? o.o 
Everyone like ours, (: cause we're awesome! but what people really like is, Cass rapping. ftw I like it too! :D

With that, we won a chocolate :)) but then, we're not the only ones that got a chocolate :(
Syamsul, Jeremy, Charlston and Soon got it too! and the worst part is, there's only ONE chocolate :((
ONE ONE ONE. means have to share between 8 people. :((
But fortunately it's enough :D

But of all Cadbury's product, I like Black Forest bar and Picnik better =]


If I were given a chance to live and to get fat by eating chocolate, I'll say GIVE ME SOME MORE!!
:D :D

Okay was just kidding. =.= I don't want to be fat. D: wtf

Moral-of-the-story; Don't eat chocolate so much if you don't want to become fatteh ~

Dhaaaa ;)


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