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  House warming
Posted at 1/09/2011 03:23:00 PM
8 January 2011

Huff. I've been trying my very best to cam-whore for a new primary photo. TT my current one is so last year. wtf. D: 
So anyways, last night is my cousin Edwin's house warming. :) the food is super delicious and super like Hari Raya food. :D haha! It was all halal cause Edwin's wife malay sister cook. o.o Rendang, Ayam masak merah. To bad no picture cause it's rude to snap photos during dinner in front of old people =P that's why my new year BBQ also less food photo. haha x)
The food is so awesome :D did I mention that yet? It's so awesome that I actually re-fill my plate for 3 types of main course(rendang, ayam masak merah etc), 1 time for chicken wantan soup, 2 times for desert :D (damn. so need to go on a diet atfer this
After all that, my uncle BBQ pig and hotdog. :D during occasion like this, BBQ pig is a MUST! xD

Then me and my cousin talk and talk and talk suddenly my uncle put his empty cans beside me :P so when he left, I told my father I drank those cans :D he was like, staring at me. He didn't get angry or what so ever. It's either he approves me drinking alcohol or, or, he trust me that I won't drink. xD (I wish he would trust me going out too! and not question me so much) so then I told my sis to take 1 can without my dad noticing. :P then I open and drink, wakakakaka! :3 i couldn't finish them all though so I share with Sugi :P ahhhh,,

Then we played numerous games together. Me, Aaron, Sugi, Roberta and Fifi :P the loser had to drink sarsi+mountain dew+orange the fruit+orange juice :D it taste nice! :D Roberta even wanted to lose just for the sake of drinking it. ahaha x)

Then, me and Sugi played rock, paper, scissors. :O the loser had to drink a shot of beer D: siot! dai! LOL

I drank a few shots already can't stand it cause it was bitter >.< especially if you keep on drinking it. But then, to get rid of the bitterness :P i took a plate of pig while covering my mouth so my father won't notice the smell. haha x)

Me and Roberta :) damn I look so nerdy and nerdy and geeky :P
I realize we have a lot of things in common. :) Like how our father will re-act at a personal status on Facebook. =_____=

Oh btw, we went for a tour around the new house. Edwin's master bedroom so big, got walk-in closet like Carmen's house. D: so nice. haha x)


Confession/fact; I like to act strong but actually I'm weak. :) 

Forget the past. Remember the lesson.

Moral-of-the-story; Don't drink beer =X later you'll have a beer belly. :P then you cry because you're fat :D

Dhaaaa :))


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