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Posted at 1/24/2011 05:15:00 PM

I have an old man on my hand :D hahaha! Jeff gave me a chewing gum that has a free tattoo in it. :D
LOL. :PP Then I tell fifi, "I wonder why only the primary school students has rules on no chewing gum tattoo on your body while the secondary don't have" xD

I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH SLEEP LIKE WTF :(( i would like to see the day I finally got enough sleep. D:
This is why Saturday can't have school and the government should just give free holidays :PP

And I barely have anything NICE to eat at school . D: HAIZ.  :|

Today nothing much la. Just a bit tiring D: So Imma let the pictures do the talking :PP 

Those few photos are photos of me and my girl, Catherine :)
Before this we weren't as close as now. Before we used to laugh together about things that's really funny. Now we laugh together at things that's not funny. :) 
Almost every night, we'll text till we both fall asleep. Then we'll curse and laugh some more at things that didn't matter.
I learn today how sad her life can be, and I just want her to know, I'll always be there for her to lent my shoulder :) 

We both have something in common. We grin. We laugh. We smile. But doesn't mean we're happy.

End this post with a picture of me cam-whoring using Catherine's phone. :PP
I look so tired. Yes I am :( 


Moral-of-the-story; Treasure your love ones. You may not know what will happen tomorrow.

DHaaaa =]

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