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  I was emo yesterday
Posted at 1/27/2011 05:01:00 PM
A dream is a wish from the heart :)

I was emo yesterday so I didn't update :D 
I saw something I shouldn't see and felt something I shouldn't feel. :| and in the end, I felt stupid. .__.

Anyways I got my orange yesterday :D 
it's like people give to you or you give to people thing. But in my case, a loner, sobs, I had to give just myself. TT. Last year, I gave a mooncake to myself :D

Huhh~ Chinese New Year is almost here :') I hope this year would be a blast D: I wish I have a driving licence and my own car so I can visit my friends :P

Oh yes! Yesterday I become emcee wtf . I don't want to about it. TT uhuhuhuhu ! :(
But yeaa, it was okay except a few parts :D

Hrrrmmm,, I don't know what again happen yesterday :O 

-squeaky voice- I love the way he smile :)) it warmth me deep inside :)
I told him I like him. He act blur. D: friends around me all tried to cheer me up :P but it's okay I'm not that sad. I'm just, just :D He is stupid, oblivious, and did I mention stupid? xD haha =]
He told me he don't want to have many friends so he can concentrate in his studies. -.- Cass say maybe that's the reason he ignore me. DUH. he could at least tell me , "THANK YOU FOR HAVING THAT FEELING HOWEVER I CAN'T RESPONSE TO IT" .__. maybe it's karma :PP hahaha!
Chenggu said, "Maybe he adores you a little, if he doesn't he will ignore you completely" and my hopes just go up like that. she gave me hope. xD
And Catherine, she called me stupid for always trying to match him with the other girl. o.o
whut? D: he said he likes her. haiz. :P

Why oblivious? He ask my friend who is Mr.Shorty. -.- DUH

Mr.Shorty the asshole :D

Today? hrmmm. :)

My BM teacher said I was the loudest prefect in the class. D: nooo! I thought my voice very soft one. TT i guess she's really disappointed in me. D: OH SORRY LOE. TT

Nothing much happen la today :)) All I did was talk and laugh, talk and laugh =]
oh yes! I found out something ugly early this morning. TT fml

me: what toothbrush you use? O.O
big sis: the pink want!
Me: wtf. Thats my brush!
Big sis: its mine. O.O
mum: Haiya. You both been using the same brush every day.
Big sis: than wheres my brush? How sure are you thats your brush?!
Me: MINE IS PINK! Fuuuuuuu! ~

seriously fml . TT

Last night in add maths tuition,

Me: HEY you know Vun Lim? :D
Mathius: Yes =]
Me: You know Evelyn An and Siaw Ying? :D
Mathius: err. NO :O
Me: Aie! how come?! you know vun lim but you don't know evelyn and siaw ying? :O So gay la you. TT
Add maths teacher: kolian mathius kei priscilla chi fu :P (pity, Mathius give Priscilla bully) xD


Someone should tell Taylor Swift how Romeo and Juliet ends :P

Moral-of-the-story; Label your toothbrush !

Dhaaa =]

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