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  its my fake birthday
Posted at 1/10/2011 05:51:00 PM
I look like a Japanese girl with this dress.

Last night I went out with my parents to the supermarket. I wanted to buy Epop, a Korean Magazine. 
But then, my dad say can't :/ i think cause it was twice the original price thanks to the calendar that comes with it. awwww ! I really want to have this month issue >.<
So I tell Ah Chung, if tomorrow(10 January) is my birthday he must buy me that Epop magazine. :D
So I quickly change my birthdate on Facebook so he'll get mixed up. But yea, he still didn't believe it was my birthday today. :P 
So anyways, he told me he went to some bookshops to find, but can't find. Yerr, he really find. :P 

I heart this white dress. D:
This morning school was okay. It was raining when I come to school. I hate when that happens. ;(
I so so so so damn lazy to use umbrella. wtf
I was half wet. =.= useless. use umbrella still wet. Grrrrr. 

So anyways, after recess, I was being a good friend by accompanying Cass to the toilet. I wait outside with our physics book. She was in the toilet so long that we was even late for next period. D:
So after she come out, I left her and ran to class. Huffing and puffing I stop half way, cause I saw a familiar girl who used to go to the same tuition as me. :O 
She move to Gapor. whoa. So anyways, I was like stopping beside some Iban girls, and then, I saw that familiar girl and pointed at her, then I point to those Iban girls. Then she left, and I suddenly told those iban girls that familiar girl name. They were like all blur at me, but I didn't explain instead I ran up class cause yea, adrenaline? LOL. I also don't know. :PP 
When I enter class, Khai Lung who was sitting beside me, got slapped at the back by me. ;D
I guess I just lepas my geram, my embarrassment at him. xD
Then Harry beside him, said, "why hit my friend?! hit me la?" so I go near him, put my hands up, and he was like, "oh sorry sorry" then I slapped his back too. :PP

ahahahahahah! darn it. >.<

My relationship with him is falling apart. Though I said I was only fooling around but watching a falling apart few days old relationship was hard. I didn't know whether to care or to just watch it fall. I didn't know really what to feel. Though I don't really love you, but with you I feel less lonely. 
I'm not ready to feel lonely again. :(

Dear Mr. H, :(
I still miss you. I do really. I don't know how to let go what you left behind. I'm not sure why you left. Because everything was going alright. I miss you and will always do.

During Chemistry in computer lab, I used your name to write in the Computer Book :'( I told Voon that H H is a nice name. She told me that last year there is a guy with the same name. Tall. Play badminton. Chinese. H H. I felt so emo then. :'( 

Moral-of-the-story; When you don't know what's your next step, follow what your heart desire. 

Dhaaaa =]

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